October 21-23, 2022 will see the return of a legendary Italian motorcycle enduro race, the Il Ciocco 12 Ore (12 hour).

The interest in the sequel to the legendary Il Ciocco 12 Ore event is huge according to the organisers of the 2022 event this October. Daniele Papi and Valerio Barsella, respectively the creator and organizer of the first event and host of Il Ciocco the second, say people are kicking down their doors for more information – entries to open at 12 noon (CET) on July 1 with a maximum number of pairs fixed at 177.

50 years young

Organisers are seemingly trading on the legend of this event which ran in 1975 and though it has run in recent years for four wheels, this year’s dodiciore will be for enduro bikes again. As vintage enduro continues to grow, in Europe at least, they say it shows the popularity of the sport from its original days is still present in modern-day enduro.

The 2022 event will be based in Barga, “one of the most beautiful villages in Italy”, in the Serchio Valley, North of Pisa. 

The '22 12 Ore formula has been refined and “synchronized with today’s time clock” they say with two days of six hours, plus the preliminary speed runs on Friday.

The Event is inspired by the original race but brings it up to date with rules for displacement and bike type, and also by age of motorcycle. The routes and tests will be the same though and “regularity” or reliability will be part of the equation as will all enduro.

More information (entries and regulations): www.dodiciore.com


Photo Credit: 12 Ore Il Ciocco Archive – Walter Arosio