Fantic has announced Alex Salvini and Davide Guarneri will adopt new “supervisor” roles for Fantic Factory Racing at EnduroGP and MXGP World Championship.

Fantic Racing say their world championship enduro and motocross teams will benefit from the experience and know-how that both Davide Guarneri and Alex Salvini bring in their new roles.

Until now the former world championship riders had been responsible for testing and development but they will now employ their considerable skills supporting the Fantic Racing teams, official riders and the whole racing department.

It's a role we’ve already seen Alex Salvini taking on at the opening Italian Enduro Championship round in Cavaglia and he will continue at the first EnduroGP of 2024 in Portugal on April 5-7.


“I am very happy about this new role.” Says the former world champion, “It’s a new position for me to be in where I will try to use all my experience to support our teams and riders.

“The relationship with them is great, Simone Albergoni used to be my teammate in the past and Antonio ‘Tony’ Specia has worked as my technician for several years, we also won the World Championship together in 2013. I hope this can be a good base that allows us to accomplish important results at the Enduro World Championship as well as at the Assoluti d’Italia, following up the success that Fantic has already enjoyed in recent years.”

Davide Guarneri, Motocross Team Supervisor, will be better known to Enduro21 readers as an enduro rider. Himself an ISDE winner and runner-up in the world championship, Davide is one of those riders who made the switch early enough to have two careers.

Embarking on his third with Fantic as development rider has borne fruit with their 300 two-stroke model we tested recently. Tested: 2024 Fantic XE300 and XEF310 – you really need to take these bikes seriously

Switching back to his roots in MX will be a new challenge but Guarneri says he’s motivated: “This new position brings new excitement and a new challenge for me. After having spent so many years of my career in the Motocross World Championship I am back in the paddock, not as a rider anymore but in a new role that makes me proud and motivates me a lot.

“I will try my best to support Fantic and its racing efforts on all levels, starting from the 125 category all the way up to the MXGP class. We have already seen the first results and we will try to be consistent and gradually improve over the course of the season.”



Photo Credit: Fantic Racing + Future7Media