Organisers of the 2021 Silk Way Rally have announced a new G-MOTO Challenge (Malle Moto) category for the FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Championship event running from Omsk in Russia to Ulaanbaatar from July 2 – 11.

Limited to 15 competitors, the G-MOTO class is reserved for amateur riders who are not part of the FIM priority list or the ASO Elite list. As with the established ‘Malle Moto’ classes in rally-raid competition, the G-MOTO category also means no assistance and life lived out of a box. There’s a limited-time offer on the entry for this class but if you’re a female racer the entry is free.

The Silk Way Rally is the only marathon rally of the 2021 season that is both a round of the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies and FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Championship. There are 10 planned stages totalling 3300km of special from around 5400km in total with one marathon stage for all classes and no rest day.

More details on the course below but the route is by all accounts a remarkable motorcycle adventure for the scenery and distance covered between Omsk to the “coldest capital city in the world”, Ulaanbaatar.

G-MOTO class details

Your entry to the G-Moto Class includes: Transport of a motorcycle to and from Paris for he event, transport of a trunk (kit box), two sets of wheels and tyres, provision of sleeping equipment, access to a reserved area on each bivouac, service area equipped with all the necessary tools are the services included in this package, plus provisions already included with the rally bike entry.

Registration is open from April 21 until June 1 but there’s a special rate of €6000 for riders who pay in full before May 1. Standard rate is €11,900 unless you are a female entry in which case the entry is actually free.

More information here on the entry fees for G-MOTO and all classes.

2021 Silk Way Rally route details

The city of Omsk will host the administrative checks and scrutineering and the start podium for the 2021 Silk Way Rally from June 30 – July 1.

Competitors then have two legs in the heart of Eastern Siberia and the Russian Taiga before tackling the Altaï mountainous landscapes and its more technical tracks for the last leg in Russia.


Seven Stages in Western Mongolia

A change of scenery for the 4th leg for the first of the seven stages in Mongolia. Competitors will discover the “Country of the Blue Sky” on a route with shorter liaisons and longer special stages alternating between the mountains, lakes, vast steppes and sand dunes. The organisers promise all the ingredients of cross-country rally – navigation, distance, fast and technical tracks in the immense country of Genghis Khan.

The Rally ends on July 11 in the capital of Mongolia - Ulaanbaatar which is the coldest capital in the world so pack your thermals.


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