Hop onboard the ‘Paddy Cam’ and follow Stew Baylor, Ben Kelley, and winner Josh Toth at the Zink Ranch AMA National Enduro – how good do these trails look and how do they compare to the EnduroGP of France tests onboard with FIM track inspector, Maurizio Micheluz?

The ‘Paddy Cam’ footage from the penultimate round of the 2021 NEPG series, the Zink Ranch National Enduro at Sand Springs gives a bird’s eye view of the trails and awesome Oklahoma dirt. Watching it got us thinking, how does it compare with the Enduro test in Europe?

A few EnduroGP vs National Enduro test facts:

  • AMA National Enduro tests are on average around twice as long as an EnduroGP test – at Zink Ranch the shortest was around 13.5mins, the longest was 27mins (and that’s the fastest times, riders down the running order were taking upwards of 50 minutes in the longest test!).
  • Compare that to a typical EnduroGP, for example the final round of 2021 in France, where the shortest test was just under 4mins, while the longest was 8.5mins.
  • As Josh Toth pointed out to us, in National Enduro they don’t walk the tests so are riding blind whereas in EnduroGP generally they spend a couple fo days walking tests before the race weekend.
  • Typically, EnduroGP riders do more tests (usually three laps of three tests compared to National Enduro’s six in total) but it all adds up to approximately the same amount of test riding time – normally around the hour mark.
  • Bear in mind EnduroGP, and most European time card enduros, also run a long lap with transfer sections between the tests so the actually race day is a long one with five or six hours riding time on the pegs (often more) including the tests.

Take a look for yourself with the onboard track preview from the final EnduroGP World Championship race in France…


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Zink Ranch National Enduro video highlights: