500 riders racing in teams for 24 hours in the Swedish woods – is the Gripendygnet 24hr enduro heaven or hell?

In total 89 teams took part in the 2020 The Gripendygnet 24hr enduro. Held in Strängnäs, Sweden, the event first took place in the 1980s and ran until the early 2000s when FMCK Strängnäs, the organizing club, lost access to the forest. Four years ago it restarted and last weekend saw the 22nd edition.

The event also includes a Dakar (Ironman) class, where a single rider takes on the race for 24 hours alone – Martin Tildemyr won that class with a whopping 33 laps alone! Overall winners were the JHL Motorsport team with a total of 50 laps.

Most of the Swedish elite riders participated this weekend. With names such as Mikael Persson (former Enduro World Champion and two times Swedish Enduro Champion) anda. Wealth of former Swedish Enduro Champions including Niklas Persson, Adam Andersson, Pontus Högberg, Emil Jonsson and Jimmy Wicksell (WESS rider) to mention a few.

Senior: JHL Motorsport 50 laps

Junior: MX Academy 48 lap

Female: JHL Motorsport Woman 40 lap

Dakar: Martin Tildemyr 33 laps


More information: Gripendygnet Facebook page