STARK VARG electric off-road motorcycle announces updates – including increased battery capacity, performance and power – as first customers receive their bikes globally.

Updates before most people have even seen the bike on the dirt in real life? Well yes, STARK Future say the development process has been ongoing and, as CEO and founder Anton Wass explains in this video, upgrades and improvements to the VARG mean the first batch of customers are getting a better bike for the same cash.

In short, an increase in battery capacity from 6.0kWh to 6.5kWh means better battery performance, power consistency throughout the state of charge, and a longer life cycle, STARK say but also we expect a bit more weight too.

Significantly they add that the resultant investment has increased production costs but will not mean an increase in price for customers.

“Software and continuous Over-Air function upgrades”

Software updates and functions will be delivered to customers automatically STARK say, “Over Air”. This system which come swith the bike allows customers to stay up-to-date with the features and functions. Over Air also allows customers to communicate and share ride modes with their each other. The feature is testamony, they add, to their “commitment to providing the latest and technology for an improved customer experience”.

“Despite added costs and complexity to production and suppliers, these adjustments were an easy decision to make.” STARK say. “Although there is a slight delay for first customers due to these modifications, it is insignificant compared to the decades of riding pleasure that the VARG will provide.”


“During our testing we decided to update several aspects, to improve the VARG even further. We’ve done hundreds of improvements, since the first bike we presented.” Explains STARK CEO, Wass.

“But a big decision was to increase our battery capacity to better fulfil your expectations, this has led to better overall battery performance and power consistency throughout the state of charge. As well as further life cycles & better efficiency.

“The goal has always been to inspire to sustainability by manufacturing the best motocross bike on the planet and revolutionizing the off-road motorcycle industry as we know it today.”


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