Enduro21 grabs the chance to test the new, more off-road capable, Yamaha Ténéré 700 Extreme Adventure bike at the UK-based Yamaha Off Road Experience centre.

Big bikes aren’t our thing too often at Enduro21 but when we get the chance it’s a pleasure, particularly when the location is awesome like this. Up in the hills at the source of the River Severn, along the valley from Llanidloes, Wales, this is prime enduro country if ever there was (ask the EnduroGP boys and girls when they visit later this summer).

The bike is the latest in the Yamaha Tenere family tree which this tester first swung a leg over in T7 prototype form back in 2017.


The Tenere 700 has come a long way (baby) since then to become one of the biggest-selling adventure bikes on the planet. One in three you’ll see is a Tenere, apparently. The essence hasn’t changed since that T7, it’s an accomplished adventure bike with a cracking engine and perfect for its purpose.

What is different about the new Extreme model is the KYB suspension. It makes this bike what it is: a more capable off-road bike, especially compared to its standard brother.

Wider footpegs, off-road seat, decent sump guard and chain guard, higher front mudguard and radiator protection are the changes over standard alongside the suspension. It doesn’t sound a lot but they’re the meaningful components and, obviously, you will find more in the Yamaha aftermarket parts catalogue.

Fact check fairy: in the video ramble chat, JP mentions 30mm extra height to the KYB suspension on the Extreme, it’s actually 20mm. Seat height is 910mm as standard.

The Dunlop tyres fitted are the Trail Max Raid on 21-inch front wheel and 18-inch rear. Note the width though at four inches, an 18-inch rear is good but don’t go thinking you can fit an enduro tyre because the extra girth doesn’t work. If you’re serious about using an actual off-road tyre you’ll need a narrower rim.

The Tenere 700 range now is five-strong (we think!): standard Tenere 700, Explore, larger tank World Raid and World Rally models and the Extreme replaces the Rally Edition.

Best fact not mentioned is the price: 11K in the UK, that’s quite a deal.

Riding kit tested in the video:

Acerbis X-Duro Jacket and Pants – nice fit makes this gear comfy to wear while sitting riding but also good for movement when riding technical off-road sections. Vented when it gets hot. Definitely waterproof!

Leatt 8.5 helmet – all-day-long comfort and high protection. Pretty good, for an off-road helmet, at higher speeds (wind noise).

Scott Fury Goggles – good comfort and in these conditions really good ventilation, despite the damp weather versus body heat in the forest.

USWE ROK off-road gloves – great feel for this kind of riding.

USWE Moto Hydro pack – smallish, hydration pack with a couple of litres of water and space enough for an extra base layer/spare gloves plus a few tools and a phone. Additional GoPro mount on the front is an accessory.

Eleveit Eleveit X-Legend off-road boots – if you find comfier boot with ankle and leg protection than this then we’ll be surprised. These are as good as we’ve ever tested and with plenty of feel for foot controls. 


More information on the Tenere: www.yamaha-motor.eu + www.yamaha-motor.com + www.yamaha-motor.com.au