husqvarna brembo recall 24002 2016 07 08 1200

Husqvarna have issued a recall on certain 2017 enduro and motocross models due to a manufacturing defect with the Brembo front brake cylinder.

Select batches of the cylinder feature a machining issue that can cause early wear of the sealing up in the cylinder. 

The recall is on 2017 FE, TE, TX, TC and FC models and those affected will be directly contacted by the Husqvarna.

Given Husqvarna and KTM share the same braking components, KTM owners may also be affected of the problem. We’ll update news on that once known.

Here’s the official word from Husqvarna…

Husqvarna Motorcycles is recalling certain frame numbers of TC, FC, TX, TE and FE models of model year 2017 to authorised Husqvarna dealers for an inspection and, if necessary, replacement of the hand brake cylinder.

Following market investigations by Husqvarna it has been determined that anomalies in the manufacturing process have resulted, with certain batches, in hand brake cylinders with defective machining from the supplier. 

This can lead to early wear of the sealing cup in the hand brake cylinder, thus leading to impaired braking performance. As the anomalies are restricted to specific batches, the hand brake cylinder must be checked and the affected batches replaced. 

The following models are affected by the recall (the list may vary based on country specification) 

TC 125 

TC 250

FC 350

FC 450 

TX 125 

TE 250 

TE 300

TX 300 

FE 250 

FE 350

FE 450 

FE 501 

Owners of affected motorcycles will be informed by a personal letter and are asked to immediately contact an authorised Husqvarna Motorcycles dealer to arrange an appointment for inspection. 

In addition, customers can check online in the ‘Service’ area of the Husqvarna Motorcycles website to determine if their motorcycle is affected by this recall. 

The check and/or replacement of the hand brake cylinder will be carried out at no cost to motorcycle owners, but must be performed by authorised Husqvarna dealers only.