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KTM France have claimed a closely fought victory over Yamaha in the inaugural edition of the French 24 Heures Moto TT.

In what proved to be a nail-biter of a finish, KTM France took control of the race lead just three laps from home over the Yamaha Outside Team to take the win.

Twenty-four hours straight is no mean feat, combining stress, fatigue, reliability and a healthy dosage of good luck ensured the first edition of event in Auvergne, Sain Remy sur Durolle was a real endurance tester.

With enduro’s top players coming out in force, the entry list was top bill. Eventual winners KTM Team France featured EnduroGP guys Jeremy Joly and Antoine Bassett with Cedric Cremer and Rombaut.

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Outsiders Yamaha Racing were Marc Bourgeois, Loic Larrieu, Jamie McCanney and Michael Persson - both fresh’ish from the ISDE. Pela Renet headlined Husqvarna France.

Starting at 3pm on Saturday, Jamie McCanney took the lead for Yamaha Outsiders ahead of Renet for Husqvarna. Sherco Academy slotted into third with KTM France fourth early on.

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After three hours, Yamaha continued to lead with KTM France up to second and the Junior squads of Sherco Academy and TM Xcentric third and fourth.

Throughout the night, Outsiders contained to lead by two minutes while KTM and Husqvarna traded places.

Wit two hours left to run, Yamaha and KTM were neck-and-neck until a fall from Larrieu allowed KTM through for the lead and with it the win.

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Outsiders Yamaha Racing regrouped to finish an agonising 91 seconds behind as runner-up following 24 hours and 114 laps of racing.

Four laps behind were Husqvarna Team France. Going the distance on a 144cc machine, TM XCentric France were top Juniors on 106 laps and fourth overall.

B2RRacing completed the top five a further five laps behind.

In total 51 teams competed in the 24 Heures Moto TT.

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ktm win 24 hour moto tt


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