Overall Sunday knobby swedish enduro championship round 1

Photo Credit: Kalle Lundstedt/RaceMagazine.se

KTM’s Joakim Ljunggren showed his competitors a clean pair of heels by claiming a double victory at the opening round of the Knobby Swedish Enduro Championship.

Kicking off his title defence in the best possible way, the vastly experienced Ljunggren held off the challenges from rivals Andreas Linusson and Albin Elowson to secure a maximum point’s haul in Falköpings.

Delivering a top notch series opener, the Falköpings MK did a great job with the event. Four special tests that had the start and finish very close to the paddock but each one very different to each other (Cross, Enduro, Extreme, Enduro) plus over 300 riders in total, proved a very good start to the series. 

Day One

As defending champ, Ljunggren had the target on his back to beat. On day one, Andreas Linusson was determined to steal that #1 plate.

Andreas Linusson skipped the SuperEnduro season this winter putting his concentration into traditional enduro. That focus paid off by recently winning the E1 class both days in the European Enduro Championship. 

Carrying that form into Sweden, he took an early lead on day one. Despite having won the E3 two years in a row on a 300 2-stroke, he actually looked so much better on the 250 4-stroke leading for the majority of the day.

Unfortunately for Linusson a big crash on the 12th special test saw him lose the 30-second lead he had on Joakim Ljunggren. On the last lap Linusson struggled to regroup and had to settle for second behind Ljunggren. Niklas Persson third overall. 

Albin Elowson was third at the first lap but had to DNF with mechanical problems adding to an already tough start of the season, following his injury at the EnduroGP in Finland. 


Joakim Ljunggren knobby swedish enduro championship round 1

Photo Credit: Kalle Lundstedt/RaceMagazine.se

Linusson won E1, Niklas Persson second and Johan Edlund third. Ljunggren won E2, Oliver Nelson second and Anton Nordh third. Robert Friberg, who transferred from motocross and are with the Husky Scandinavia team, won E3, Martin Larsson second and Linus Fasth third. 

Erik Appelqvist took the win in Junior E1 in his first attempt on the WR250, Joakim Grelsson second and Emil Jonsson third.

Erik Ljungberg won Junior E2, Oscar Ljungström second and Anton Sandstedt third.

Hanna Berzelius won all the special test in the Womens class and took the victory over Martina Reimander and Amanda Elvin.


Day Two

On Sunday Ljunggren took an early lead. By half time, two out of four laps, he had a minute over Albin Elowson. Elowson then improved and didn’t drop any more time to Ljunggren.

But with plenty of time in hand, Ljunggren took the win again proving he’ll be the rider to beat this year again. 

Elowson finished second overall and Niklas Persson once again was third. 

Oliver Nelson secured his best Swedish championship result since 2014 with fifth behind Johan Edlund. Erik Appelqvist was sixth overall.

Linusson struggled after his crash on Saturday but came from 23rd overall on the first lap to get a seventh. 

Emil Jonsson, the 17 year old who did good the second day in Finland, was ninth – his first top 10 in the championship. 


Erik Appelqvist knobby swedish enduro championship round 1

Photo Credit: Kalle Lundstedt/RaceMagazine.se

Niklas Persson won E1, Edlund second and Linusson third. Ljunggren won E2, Elowson second, Nelson third. Martin Larsson won E3, Friberg second and Fasth third. 

Appelqvist won Junior E1, Jonsson second and Grelsson third. Erik Ljungberg won Junior E2, Sandstedt second and Victor Broström third.

Hanna Berzelius once again won all the special test in the Womens class and once again Reminder was second and Elvin third.

Round three of the Swedish Enduro Championship takes place this Saturday, May 20, in Östhammar!



Reporting: Kalle Lundstedt/RaceMagazine.se