European Enduro Championship - Estonia

The weather was perfect in Paikuse for the Estonian round of the European Enduro Championship. KTM riders topped both days with local rider Rannar Uusna taking day one and Italian rider, Matteo Pavoni, claiming the top step of the podium on day two.


Local rider Rannar Uusna (class Senior E3) won the opening day of the Enduro European Championship round 2 in Paikuse, Estonia.

"I made one small mistake in the enduro test but otherwise I had a smooth day," said Uusna who after the first round of the Championship was holding fifth position. Before the race Uusna set out to win in the familiar sandy conditions of his home country and he kept his promise. "I had no problems today with my bike and I rode as well as I could."

Uusna’s time was 42:25.97 and he was three seconds faster than the second in overall classification – Matteo Pavoni from Italy who also won the Junior E1 class. Third place, and the winner of the Junior Under 20 class, was Joakim Grelsson from Sweden – he was nine seconds slower than Pavoni.

Rannar Uusna

The conditions in Paikuse were close to perfect – the weather was dry and not too hot, about 20°C. It rained a little at night but for the morning the track had dried and the result only depended on the technical abilites of the riders.

"The day was good, I had no problems on the track or with the bike," said Oscar Baletti who was satisfied with the result. He was Uusna’s biggest competitor in the Senior E3 class and took the fourth place in the overall classification.

Not everybody was happy with the track in Paikuse. "Sand is not my thing at all. I had several crashes," said Daniel Mundell who was critical about himself – he was holding the lead after the first EC round in the Junior Under 20 class. "I’ll try to do much better tomorrow," he promised. In the first day in Paikuse Mundell was 25th in the overall and in his own class third after Jan Allers.


The second day in Paikuse was won by young Italian rider Matteo Pavoni (KTM) who also won the Junior E1 class.

The weather was very favourable for enduro riding as well – it rained slightly at night and in the morning, most of the day was cloudy and the heat did not frighten the riders.

"I had a very good day today. I made no mistakes and had no technical problems," Pavoni said at the finish line. "Winning is a fantastic feeling!"

Local rider Rannar Uusna (KTM) on the other hand did not have so good a day as Saturday. He took the fifth place in his class on the second day and was 11th overall.

"On the enduro test there was a place where I made a mark for myself that this is no place to crash – but I got stuck particularly hard just there. After two crashes in the enduro test I could not find the right rhythm any more," Uusna said. "I had one more crash so the day was not so good. At least on Saturday I got some good points for the European Championship."

The fastest time today was by Pavoni 43:30.6. The second best result in the overall classification was by the Finnish rider Lari Jukola, who was second in the Junior E1 class and was 16 seconds slower than Pavoni. The third best time belonged to Dennis Shroeter (Germany) who also won the Senior E3 class and lost 25 seconds from the overall winner.

Oscar Baletti

The competition in the Senior E3 class was very close, the four fastest riders were all inside 10 seconds. The Italian Oscar Balletti was second and the Finn Aleksi Jukola was third.

The length of the mostly sandy track in Paikuse was 62 kilometres and it had two cross tests, one enduro test and 2 time checks. The riders, teams and the FIM Europe Jury was very pleased with the organisation of the event and the overall opinion was that European Enduro needs a variety of tracks and conditions and Paikuse was a great addition to the mix.


Day1 results

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