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Beta have launched a new electric mini dirt-bike for kids - the Minicross-E.

The all-new Beta Minicross-E is an easy, off-road motorcycle for youngsters starting out. The Minicross-E offers a power delivery that won't overwhelm young riders and will help boost their confidence.

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The bike is designed for recreational riding yet has the look and features that even an advanced youth rider will appreciate, such as an incredibly appealing design, high-quality hydraulic disc brakes, modern suspension, and a high performance electric motor.

Beta engineers developed a power delivery that is very manageable making it easy to ride. Designed for children between the ages of 6 – 11 who want to enjoy their first experience of riding an off road motorcycle.

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The design is rugged yet lightweight, (only 43 kg or 94.5 lbs.) has zero polluting emissions and a very quiet electric motor, it is extremely appealing to parents who want a motorcycle for their child that does not disturb the peace.

Attention has also been focused on the technical design with heat treated aluminium swingarm, 33 mm inverted hydraulic fork and an adjustable air and spring rear shock absorber.

Minicross E 01


  • WEIGHT: 43 Kg
  • TOTAL LENGTH: 1400mm
  • TOTAL WIDTH: 600mm
  • TOTAL HEIGHT: 900mm
  • WHEELBASE: 1025mm
  • SEAT HEIGHT: 695mm
  • FRONT FORK: Inverted 33mm
  • REAR SHOCK ABSORBER: Adjustable by air and spring preload
  • BRAKES: Disc with hydraulic control
  • MOTOR: Electric 0,75 kw (750 Watts)
  • BATTERY FORMAT: 3x12V serial
  • ESTIMATED RUN TIME: Average one hour (varies with rider ability)
  • FRAME: Steel
  • SWINGING ARM: Heat treated aluminium
  • WHEEL RIMS: 12” front / 10” rear
  • TYRES: 60/100-12 front, 70/100-10 rear
  • TYRE PRESSURE: 0,7 bar


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