2018 YAM PW50 EU DPBSE STA 001 53860

Yamaha’s PW50 features a revised colour scheme and blue wheels for 2018.

The founding stone for the majority of people’s journey into the world of dirt bikes, Yamaha’s iconic PW50 is still going strong and it’s good to see it lined up alongside its bigger brothers for the 2018 launch.

Changes for the new model year, see it gets a lick of paint with fresh graphics and blue wheels.

A case of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, it’s no surprise to see the practically bulletproof 50cc two-stroke engine untouched for 2018.

2018 YAM PW50 EU DPBSE STU 003 53880

The fully-automatic gearbox keeps things simple, with a twist-and-go action.

However, parents can soften throttle response with the adjustable throttle.

A cool safety feature of the PW50, it allows parents to limit the throttle opening and therefore top speed, according to the rider’s skill level and learning.

2018 YAM PW50 EU DPBSE DET 001 53882

Other features like an enclosed shaft drive and separate two-stroke oil tank help reduce maintenance of the 39kg PW50.

Certainly a bike that holds a soft spot for many dirt bike folk, and us here at enduro21, all that’s left to say is we wonder what future world champion will get their first two-wheel kicks on the Yamaha PW50 in 2018.

2018 YAM PW50 EU DPBSE STU 001 53878

Yamaha PW50 features

  • 50cc 2-stroke engine with fully-automatic gearbox
  • Reliable shaft drive for reduced maintenance
  • Simple throttle limiter assures parental control
  • Lightweight handling and compact dimensions
  • Separate 2-stroke oil tank for ease of use
  • Yamaha design, quality and reliability

2018 YAM PW50 EU DPBSE DET 007 53888