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KLIM have developed a new line of goggles for the off-road market the Viper and Viper Pro.

Upgrading their eyewear, the Viper goggles share the same attention to detail and level of performance as the other equipment in their adventure and off-road range.

The KLIM Viper and Viper PRO goggles are designed to overcome the usual issues faced by wearers when used in the toughest of conditions.

Misting up has always been an issue, especially through sweating in cold conditions. KLIM have implemented a number of ways to stop this from happening.

  • Gemin-eye anti-fog
    A layer applied directly onto the goggle lens helps to prevent it from fogging.
  • Ventilation
    The Viper PRO goggles have been engineered to perform in extreme conditions. By combining ventilation along the upper rim of the goggles and fresh air from the lower goggle frame, air circulation is generated, which ensures a clear view.
  • Polycarb premium UV400 Lens
    The goggle lens has been developed by KLIM to be more durable and resistant against scratches.
  • Geometry
    The shape of the Viper and Viper PRO has been designed to offer the largest possible field of vision. 


3759 000 Stripe Red Smoke Lens

Every part of the goggles has been constructed and designed to offer a wide and unobtrusive field of vision.

New for KLIM is also their roll-off system. For when things get really dirty, the option to add a roll-off system to both the Viper and Vape Pro goggles will certainly please KLIM’s customer base.

The Viper PRO is available in 3 colours: black, red and orange and there is a whole range of different matching lenses to individualise the design. 

The RRP of the Viper PRO is 99.00 EUR, for the VIPER 59,00 Euro. The roll-off system is available for 59.00 EUR.

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