Yamaha YZ65 is launching a YZ65 two-stroke race bike. The all-new model for 2018 shows a commitment to the youth off road scene from Yamaha.

A new engine and chassis are specifically designed for the YZ65 model. Importantly it features the styling as the bigger capacity YZs, the crucial blue rims for 2018 and those adjustable gold forks.

The starting point for future racers for decades has been the infamous Yamaha PW50 and Yamaha is looking to plug the gap from the PW to the bigger bikes in the range with the YZ65. 


YZ65 Technical Highlights

  • Powerful new 65cc liquid cooled engine with YPVS and Digital CDI system
  • High overall specification, winning performance
  • Optimised intake and exhaust design, instant power
  • six-speed transmission with light-pull clutch
  • Semi-double cradle steel frame, aluminium subframe
  • 36 mm diameter upside down front forks
  • KYB Monocross suspension, aluminium swingarm
  • 60/100 14" front- and 80/100 12" rear tire sizes
  • Sporty wave style brake rotors with improved self-cleaning action
  • Tapered handlebars, aluminium handlebar crown
  • Ergonomic seat design for easy weight shifting
  • Lightweight aluminium Yamaha Blue wheel rims
  • YZ450F-inspired styling and graphics

2018 YAMAHA YZ65 Enduro21 560



The 2018 YZ65 is driven by a newly-designed 65cc, 2-stroke, liquid-cooled engine. Its race-developed crankcase reed valve system produces “an excellent and instant throttle response across the entire powerband,” claims Yamaha.

Yamaha’s power valve design, and the YZ65's exhaust port is equipped with Yamaha’s mechanical power valve system (YPVS) that gives a smooth power delivery and helps to optimise torque output for stronger performance at low to mid rpm. The YZ65 has also has a six-speed gearbox.



An all-new semi double cradle frame with a detachable aluminium subframe and lightweight aluminium swingarm promises light and stable handling with easy agility.  Wheels feature 60/100 14" front and 80/100 12" tyre sizes, wave brake rotors are lighter than conventional rotors and offer improved self-cleaning action in dirty conditions.



High specification 36-mm KYB front forks are fully adjustable, ensuring the front end can be easily set up to suit different track condition and riding styles.The aluminium swingarm and monocross rear suspension system give a smooth and stable ride, Yamaha claims. The link-less suspension design reduces routine maintenance and is designed to prevent bottoming out on the roughest circuits, enabling the rider to maintain full control.


2018 YAMAHA YZ65 DETAIL Enduro21 560



The YZ65 is designed to be the complete package of engine performance with agile handling and class-leading durability. The seat profile and body panels are all designed to allow the rider to rapidly shift forward or backward during braking, acceleration and cornering, giving total control. The YZ65's four-position adjustable tapered handlebars can be set up to suit a wide range of riders of varying sizes and physiques.


Parts and Accessories

YZ65 riders can choose from a growing range of Genuine Yamaha Accessories including tools, service parts and the GYTR Performance Products catalogue, plus the clothing and apparel ranges. 


Price and Availability

The Yamaha YZ65 will be available at Yamaha dealers starting in June 2018.

More details Europe: yamaha-motor.eu

More details USA: yamahmotorsports.com



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