The future of Gas Gas motorcycles looks bright according to plans laid out by Torrot in a recent takeover of the Spanish firm.

Recently announced as the new owners of Gas Gas, Torrot - a Spanish electric motorcycle manufacture - are planning a €13 million investment in the brand over the next three years.

Restoring Gas Gas’ place in the trials market, developing a new enduro model and venturing into the growing electric bike market are all on the agenda.

Once Torrot have successfully completed the takeover, the aim is to begin production at the Salt plant near Barcelona within the first quarter of 2016. The target is to roll out 6,000 motorcycles next year.

While keeping the current enduro model for 2016 a team will concentrate on developing a new enduro bike with a view to market in 2017.

Furthermore the 55 former employees’ jobs at Gas Gas have been saved and Torrot expect this figure to grow to 80 by 2018.



The news was outlined in a report issued on the Gas Gas worker’s Facebook page…

Gas Gas have ambitious plans for the coming years, as explained by Torrot CEO Ivan Contreras, in an interview with ACN. The most immediate is their recovery next year in the trials market.

In 2016 2,000 bikes will be made, once the Salt factory is established and the goal is to reach 4,000 units per year in 2018.

In enduro, Torrot will work next year on a new, more competitive enduro model than the current bike with a view to market in 2017. Finally, a long-term project is a venture into the electric bike market, taking advantage of the Torrot technology. However, no date is set for the first offroad electric Gas Gas.

Gas Gas do not want to waste time in relaunching the brand and while waiting to re-enter the factory have been working on the marketing of dirt bikes they will begin to make in Salt plant next year. At the recent trade fair in Milan, several international importers have already placed orders.

Similarly, the Torrot team have contacted suppliers to source the necessary components for the assembly of vehicles expected during the first quarter of 2016.

This set-up of machinery, stopped in recent months, will be done in parallel with the Torrot factory where they develop their urban electric motor. Due to a lack of space on the premises, the company will maintain only the department of research and development at the Torrot HQ.

In terms of production figures, in 2016 it is expected to make a total of 6,000 motorcycles, 2,000 of which are from trials, 1,000 more enduro and 3,000 of MUVI model Torrot, an electric scooter that is connected at all times to the internet and with a battery life of over 100 kilometres.

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New models for the coming years

On the horizon for 2018, Torrot aim to achieve 4,000 Gas Gas trials bikes, which would become the market leader in this sector; 6,000 motorcycles and 5,000 MUVI enduro. In the case of enduro, they will do a rethink of the model, as it does not convince the current owners of the brand.

"The dirt bike is ready to sell and we have actual orders, but the enduro model needs improvement because it did not succeed in the market," said CEO Torrot, Ivan Contreras. “In this regard, in 2016 there will be a whole team working to develop a competitive enduro bike for 2017.”

With regards to future new models, Enduro will be the first but not the only one. In the long term, the direction of Torrot provides a unique vehicle combining the best of both brands. 

"Gas Gas have a great international power and we want to build a motorcycle of power that represents Gas Gas with technology developed by Torrot".

Also in the pipeline is a new electric bicycle by the Torrot brand as well as a new MUVI made with carbon fibre to reduce weight.

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€13 million investment and recovery works

As for the announced investment and commitment to revive Gas Gas -13,000,000 euros over three years, he explained that Contreras will go to three sectors. A small party will improve the software, production controls and thus guarantee a "production quality".

A second package will be circulating money Torrot used to deal with the purchase of components needed to manufacture the bikes, while the third part will be devoted to trials competition and the introduction of professional pilots. 

"Gas Gas is a leader in the competition and should maintain these market level," said Contreras.

In addition to the 55 former employees of Gas Gas, who can keep their jobs, there will be another 30 required when the company needs to expand the workforce. The forecast for 2018 is to reach 80 workers.