Albin Elowson wins Novemberkåsan 2018 

Albin Elowson caps off 2018 with a win at the epic Swedish Enduro, Novemberkåsan.


Husqvarna Scandinavia’s Albin Elowson took another big win in his home country in 2018 (following his victory at Gotland Grand National) with overall honours at the 2018 Novemberkåsan. With a total time just under seven hours riding, it surely was a tough way to end the 2018 season.

Renowned as one of the world’s toughest enduros because of the sheer length of time on the bike (how does a ride all day and finish at 2:45am grab you?!), Novemberkåsan is a gruelling ride through Swedish bogs and forests and equally something of a winter ritual for the spectators…


Novemberkåsan Woods fire Enduro21 560

KTM Scandinavia's Joakim Ljunggren came home third after leading much of the race with Yamaha Johansson MPE rider Marcus Adielsson taking third place (and also finishing best Junior). 


Marcus Adielsson Novemberkåsan Enduro21 560


World and Swedish Women’s Champ, Hanna Berzelius, was the big winner in her class coming home 58thoverall in 8hrs:57m.


Hanna Berzelius 2018 Novemberkåsan Enduro21 560


A total of 119 (from 197 starters) finished with the last official finisher, Patrik Oja bringing his Sherco home after 11hrs:34m of saddle time! Check out the video to get a feel for what Novemberkåsan is all about...



Report pictures care of FXR Racing



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