First look: Reflex Racing Handguards

Taking a first look at Reflex Racing’s enduro handguard set – the wrap-around guards with a fresh take on the age-old problem.


At first look Reflex Racing’s billet aluminium handguards are much like any number of well designed and manufactured bolt-on protective products. The guards look good with a billet aluminium main bar clamping on the handlebars with replaceable deflectors and some bold graphics.

A closer look, however, reveals a new take on this established wrap-around design. Reflex Racing have taken a fresh look at the fundamental design of wrap-around guards and how they mount onto a set of handlebars. 

Many products in the off-road parts market are tried and tested in their design. For good reason – if something works, it works. But when a manufacturer brings a fresh idea to the table it is always worth sitting up to take note.


Reflex Racing Handguards Enduro21 rear 560


They say: 

Constructed of 6061 billet aluminium, the Reflex handguards mate durability with flexibility to provide the ultimate set of adjustable handguards utilizing the patented cable union to prevent breakage and bending. 

Tested and proven with some of the fastest off-road racers on the West Coast, the handguards have proven to be almost indestructible against the rocks and roost the National Hare and Hound Series is known for. 

With 50+ colour combos, Reflex Racing offers a stylish form of protection that is made in the USA.


Reflex Racing Handguards side Enduro21 560


We say: 

With a wide range of colours and deflector designs, the Reflex handguards sure look the part if you want protection for your fingers and levers from trees, rocks and from crashes. 

Bolting on with a four-bolt clamp at the handlebar mount is immediately a secure solution when you install the guards. They feel solid which creates confidence in the product.

The finish of the guards is good also with anodized black main bar and clamps. The deflectors bolt on at the front (naturally enough!) and are a replaceable part if they get snapped or scuffed. The graphics on the front are a heavy-duty vinyl available in many colour options too. 

Anyone familiar with wrap-around guards will know they can bend or get out of shape when impacted in a crash. The clamps also place stress in a very specific part of the handlebars, which, occasionally, under extreme circumstances, can cause the bars to snap.


Reflex Racing Handguards flex Enduro21 560


These Reflex guards have a solution to those issues. Using a cable union at the headstock end of the guard bar, they add a degree of flex into their hold on the bars – simply a small amount of movement allows the guard to move on the union, helping deflect any impact and putting less stress on the clamps (and bars). 

It’s a smart idea which should help with that bar-snapping issue and Reflex claim the guards are very well tested through off road racing in tough, real world racing conditions. 


Reflex Racing Handguards KTM 300 EXC TPI Enduro21 560


We’ve got this set in to test on one our own test bikes so will get back with a review when they’ve been put through their paces.

Price: from $142.00 

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Jon Pearson
Enduro21 Editor and Bike Tester