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First look: Husqvarna’s 2020 Off-Road clothing collection 

Husqvarna Motorcycles’ 2020 off-road clothing collection features a technical riding clothing with a strong emphasis on function for enduro and off road.


Husqvarna’s new riding kit collection for 2020 has arrived with a strong range of gear to suit different riding conditions – all good news for us enduro riders with the emphasis on the practical and function. 

Though branded Husqvarna, the 2020 range draws from some of the best clothing and protection manufacturers in off road including; Leatt, Sidi, 100%, Bell and Alpinestars. 

The new range includes complete, head-to-toe adult and kids collections to cover all bases, no matter where on the scale you’re sizes measure at. Husqvarna promise improved comfort, durability and protection across the range. 

Hu8sqvarna 2020 GOTLAND WP JACKET 560

Husqvarna 2020 clothing collection highlights:

MOTO 9 MIPS Gotland Helmet 

Ride harder and longer without fatigue, Husqvarna claims their MOTO 9 MIPS Gotland Helmet is packed full of protection related technology. Mixing security, comfort and style, the race-winning Gotland Helmet is finished with an eye-catching, Swedish inspired design. 

2020 Functional Clothing Offroad Collection 3 560

Gotland Jacket and Pants

This lightweight Gotland jacket is a “go-to item for all enduro riders” Husqvarana says. The jacket’s high levels of comfort mean it is a take anywhere, use anytime, item that’s designed to be the tough  but practical with venting and an adjustable waist strap. The Gotland Pants are designed to offer ride-long comfort and freedom of movement in the material. Comfortable no matter the weather, the Gotland Pants feature perforated ventilation zones that maximise cooling.

2020 Functional Clothing Offroad Collection 6 560

Gotland WP Jacket and Gotland WP Pants 

No ride should be cut short when the weather turns bad, which is exactly why the Gotland WP Jacket and Gotland WP Pants come in, Husqvarna says. 

Constructed with “robust fabrics, intelligent design and lightweight construction” which combines to create a waterproof and non-restrictive outer barrier that ensures riders are fully prepared for the worst of the weather. 

2020 Functional Clothing Offroad Collection 8 560

Railed Shirt and Pants

Understanding how important it is for a rider to be free from restraints and thick, heavy materials, the Railed Shirt offers maximum breathability together with minimal weight - allowing unrestricted movement no matter how challenging the competition. Subtle styling on the outside and reassuringly comfortable on the inside, the pants have triple-stitched abrasion-resistant nylon for complete protection and a comfortable fit. 




Neck Brace GPX 3.5

Remove doubts surrounding unwanted neck injuries with the Neck Brace GPX 3.5. Weighing less than 500 grams, the brace protects against heavy impact energies during a crash to ensure ultimate peace of mind. 

Husqvarna Leatt NECK BRACE FRONT 560

Kids Railed line 

Showing that the best things often do come in smaller packages, the Kids Railed Helmet delivers on both protection and style. The shell size is designed and optimised specifically for kids with a washable inner liner and effective ventilation further ensuring its impressive performance features, the press material tells us. 

The Railed Kids clothing allows youngsters to look, feel and perform with stylish pants and shirt packed with performance including moisture wicking materials, plus narrow cuffs and raglan-style sleeves to help prevent arm pump. 


All the products are available at Husqvarna official dealers from May 2019.


More information on the products and dealers: Husqvarna-motorcycles.com


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