First look: Sunstar XTG Works Chain

Sunstar’s XTG Chain, an o-ring chain designed for off-road and the most durable chain in the Italian maufacturer's line-up.


Sunstar chains and sprockets are well known in bike sports and both come as standard equipment across a range of motorcycle manufacturers plus stand as the choice for many factory race teams in Enduro, Rally and Motocross.

The XTG Works Chain is what Sunstar label their “signature o-ring chain” and as such is a high-sec design built specifically to withstand the punishment enduro and off road dishes up. 

The ‘TG’ in the name is Sunstar’s proprietary sealing system, Triple Guard, which means the chain has three separate sealing and lubrication points aiming to maximize longevity while providing the lubrication needed to keep things flowing sweetly. The seal is naturally designed to guard the critical areas against sand, dirt and ingress.

The XTG Works chain in constructed using heat-treated links and has a tensile strength rating of up to 8,500lbs which means it can handle high amounts of horsepower. 

Available in 100 and 120 pre-cut lengths in 520 chain pitch and includes a press fit type connecting link.


Cost: $114.95

More information on the Sunstar range:


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Jon Pearson
Enduro21 Editor and Bike Tester