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SCOTT Sports launch new Fury goggle to their off road model range.


SCOTT goggles have shaken things up a little with the release of their new Fury model in the line-up. Following in the steps of their flagship Prospect goggle, the Fury does not feature the outriggers but has all the features we've come to know and appreciate.

SCOTT Fury goggle key features:

  • SCOTT’s proven Lens Lock System. 
  • Three-layer face foam with sweat wicking and absorbent material.
  • No-slip silicone strap.
  • Range of new colour/design options.
  • Available with both standard and light sensitive lens options.
  • Large lens combined with a thin frame construction brings the lens closer to your eyes, maximizing overall field of vision.
  • Innovative Lens Lock System guarantees “the safest lens retention on the market” and enables you to change your lens anywhere anytime.
  • The Fury Goggle is compatible with SCOTTs WFS50 roll-off system claiming the largest film on the market at 50 millimetres, and providing up to 50 clear views even in the most challenging conditions. 
  • Lens tear offs, antistick grid or mudflap SCOTT accessories can be used for both our Fury and Prospect Goggle.
SCOTT Sports Fury goggle 560

The SCOTT Fury goggle will be used for the first time by team athletes at the 2019 Monster Energy Cup at the Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

More information: SCOTT-Sports.com 


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