New design Motorex 1 litre X-bottle with less burping

Motorex presented their new one litre oil containers at the recent EICMA motorcycle show – the new x-bottle design with extendable spout helps reduce burping. 


The new design x-bottle has been redeveloped and modelled on the letter ‘x’ from the brand’s name and replaces the award-winning “elephant trunk” previous one- litre bottle design. 

The x-bottle is designed to catch the eye but equally the new model arrives with a fresh, innovative and functional design Motorex says. 

The Swiss oil company explains: 

The new X-bottle is satisfying to use with an integrated, extendable spout and a sophisticated ventilation system that prevents low pressure and thus the annoying “burping” of the oil when pouring. 

A small central opening in the top of the container ensures it can be emptied fully in an optimal way and the built-in tamper-proof seal guarantees the product’s original quality. It is particularly comfortable to hold thanks to its tapered waist. With an imprint of an individual QR code that links buyers to the relevant product information, it also takes account of modern purchasing behaviour.


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Photo Credit: Future7Media
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