First Look: 2020 Leatt 5.5 FlexLock boots

Leatt expands their 2020 GPX product range with the release of the all-new, 5.5 FlexLock boots for enduro and off road. 


After three years of testing and development with brands athletes, Jonny Walker and Ryan Sipes, Leatt has launched the all-new 5.5 FlexLock boots.  

Available in three colourways – black, white/black and red/blue – Leatt says the principle aim for the 5.5 FlexLock boots is to provide improved bike feel and protection without compromising durability or comfort. 

5.5 FlexLock boots features: 

  • Adjustable boot flex, LockOut of the ankle movement thanks to FlexLock system
  • Low-profile, gear shift friendly shape toebox
  • Three colourways
  • DualZone hardness sole with extended foot peg riding zone for arch and on the toes riding 
  • SlideLock system, auto-locking, one-way sliding closure
  • Flat and grippy inside side contact area of the boots for better bike feel
  • Breathable mesh 3D inner liner with anti-slip reinforcement for zero heel lift 
Leatt Flexlock boots foot down 560

Leatt’s new ankle protection mechanism, the FlexLock system from which the boot gets its signature name, claims to reduce the forces absorbed by the ankle up to a 37%. The simple-looking “LockOut” design does what it says on the packet, allowing movement necessary to ride but limiting the over-extension of the ankle movement by physically locking out.

Leatt FlexLock system

Leatt’s SlideLock system, an auto-locking one-way sliding cuff, is designed to all-but eliminate the bulk at the top of the boot (where the knee braces sits inside). The forged aluminium buckles are of the over-locking type and easy to use but secure when clipping closed. Combined with a low-profile toe box area for a better gear shifting, Leatt says the fit and slimmer overall size have “all the features and benefits any rider will ever need.”

Leatt 2020 Jonny Walker Flexlock 560

The comfort of the boot has received a good deal of attention from the Leatt designers including an interior impact foam which Leatt says ensures a snug and comfortable fit but also limits the force of impact on the knee by up to 35%. Ankles also get 3D shaped impact foam to improve comfort inside along with a breathable, anti-slip liner.

Leatt FlexLock 20 knee absorbtion

The “rider platform”, the area upon which you stand and have contact with the foot pegs, has also been looked at and is one of the ways in which you can see Walker and Sipes have had on development. A longer riding platform area works to improve your connection with the footpegs when riding between the foot arch and extends further to your toes. The dual hardness sole also has a CE certified, reinforced steel shank.

Leatt Flexlock 5.5 boots rear 560

Attention has also been paid to the exterior patch inside of the leg with a flat and grippy design to improve the rider contact point with the bike’s chassis.

With footwear being the only product missing from the Leatt Moto range, the South African brand now offers head-to-toe riding kit in any off road moto discipline.  

We had a sneaky pair to test for a month and honestly can only say good things about them so far. They fit comfortably from first try and had a noticeably good feel on the pegs, we’ll run a proper “Enduro21 tested” post on here once we’ve stacked up some hours riding in them. Stay tuned.


Cost: $389.99/€389/£330





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