When the opening round of the FIM SuperEnduro World Championship gets underway in Poland on Saturday night you can watch it live on EnduroTV.

Promoters of the series, ABC Communication, have just launched their own EnduroTV channel in time for round one of the SuperEnduro championship. 
Partnering with Freecaster, the OTT (Over the Top) system is similar to that of Youthstream’s MXGP channel in a web-based pay-TV format.

Each round of the championship will be covered live with two hours of racing. It will then be followed up with a 26 minute highlights package.

In 2018 the EnduroGP 26 minute highlights will also be available to watch on EnduroTV.

You can sign up on superenduro.org and endurogp.org

Prices are as follows

1 Live SuperEnduro: €9.99
Pack: 5 Live SuperEnduros: €29.99
Super Pack: 5 Live SuperEnduros + 8 EnduroGP magazine programmes: €49.99

“EnduroTV is a huge investment for ABC Communication,” told Bastien Blanchard. “The availability of internet coverage, especially via smartphones and tablets, has become more and more crucial. 

“In order to improve the image of our two championships and to increase the interest in our captivating and exciting sport from the general public, we have decided to create our own TV channel. 

“This will further open the potential of more viewers for a sport that will benefit from much better visibility.”