Eero Remes heads new look Johansson Yamaha Enduro Team in 2019

Johansson MPE Yamaha Enduro Team takes on a fresh look in EnduroGP for 2019 with World E2 Champion Eero Remes headlining the Swedish blue crew. 


In his trademark bright and positive fashion, Johansson MPE Enduro Team boss, Joakim Johansson has announced his 2019 teams plans are “a big step forward this year. We are sure of that!”

Following on from the news Yamaha Racing was officially pulling out of Enduro World Championship competition, and with it the Outsiders Yamaha team were moving on to front the Rally team, Johansson was also destined to take over the mantle at world level.

The team is an established presence in the Enduro GP paddock with over 30 years racing experience and they will now take up the role as lead Yamaha team – though not officially supported by Yamaha. 

Remes signed in blue

The not so surprising news is that Eero Remes has joined the team for 2019. The flying Finn took his third world title in 2018 in E2 category, as well as taking third overall in EnduroGP scratch.

Also signed on a permanent deal is hot-shot Australian Wil Ruprecht who jumped into the Johansson Junior team for the last round of 2018 and promptly won first time out. Seeing him back is a no-brainer and will bring some fizz to the Juniors in 2019 (like it needed it!).


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Johansson MPE Enduro team for 2019:

EnduroGP class: 

Eero Remes (FIN)

Junior class: 

Wil Ruprecht (Australia)

Alex Walton (GBR)

Priit Biene (EST)

Youth class: 

Marcus Adielsson (SWE)

Hugo Svärd (FIN)

World Cup, Senior: 

Patrik Andersson (SWE)


“We are very happy and incredibly proud to be able to present Finnish triple and reigning world champion Eero Remes as a rider in the GP-class. We have not decided which class yet, the tests of the various Yamaha models are on right now,” says Joakim Johansson Johansson.

“By his side he will have Australian Wil Ruprecht who is a strong candidate in the Junior class. Wil was with us at the last race in Germany in 2018, where he took a victory already the first day,” continues Joakim. 

British rider Alex Walton and Estonian Priit Biene will race the Junior class on WR250F and WR450F models alongside Ruprecht.

Swedish rider Marcus Adielsson along with Finn Hugo Svärd, defend the team's colours in the Youth Cup on enduro-adapted YZ125 motorcycles.


Hugo Svärd fotoCarolineJoelsson Enduro21 560


EnduroGP is in a positive phase during 2019 with Johansson placing a strong team of riders in both support classes plus taking the advantage in the new World Cup category. Swedish veteran champion, Patrik Andersson, will race “full sail in the senior class”.

“The last few years together with Yamaha Europe, then mainly with Alexandre Kowalski on our side, has been an incredible chapter in our over 30-year history.” Says Johansson team boss, Joakim Johansson. “These years as Yamaha’s official junior team have been amazing and I can't thank everyone involved enough for all the support and wonderful memories.”

“Working with future GP-winners has been both fun, rewarding and a very big challenge, but now is the time to move on. With a good support from our passionate colleagues at Yamaha Motor Scandinavia, it is now time to add the next gear and try to take our first GP-title.” Concludes Joakim.

The 2019 Enduro World Championship begins March 22-24 in Germany.

Photo Credit: Johansson Yamaha/Caroline Joelsson
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