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As enduro’s first ever EnduroGP World Champion, it’s a privilege and pleasure to offer Matt Phillips our Monday Shout Out…

Self-belief - it’s what every world champion ever has in common. Yes, of course natural ability, work ethic and a slice of luck are vastly important too, but it’s the belief that you are going to be the best in what you do, which carries you to the top step of the podium. 

As the newly crowned EnduroGP World Champion, Matt Phillips oozes a massive amount of self-belief. 

Travelling halfway around the globe to chase the dream and lure of becoming world champion, the Tasmanian has never chosen an easy route to glory. 

He’s sucked up the challenges of living in a different culture, language and lifestyle, not to mention homesickness, to get the job done, not once but now four times.

matthew.phillips EWC 2016 Rnd 8 7156 1200

And there’s not too many folk who would have jumped ship from the championship-winning proven tanker of KTM to Sherco, a relative rowing boat in comparison, either.

But Phillips believed they had the exact package he needed to stand on the top step of the podium in 2016. 

And by returning to CH Racing, the team which guided him as a 2013 rookie to his Junior World Championship, the magic was soon rekindled and now as the first ever EnduroGP champion history has been made.

Congratulations Matthew J Phillips, the best man has won. 

Enjoy the spoils of victory…