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Unbeaten for the third time, Husqvarna’s Graham Jarvis has claimed victory in this year’s edition of the GetzenRodeo.

*Updated - 18:22hrs Oct 29*

Reigning supreme for six years - Getzen is held every two years - Jarvis faced arguably his strongest lineup of competition at the German Extreme Enduro but still proved to everyone he’s the boss by securing the top step of the podium.

“I’m delighted to win my third straight GetzenRodeo,” told Jarvis. “I was a little nervous coming into this one, it’s always difficult to tell how you will do but luckily it all fell into place for me.

“I was happy with third in the main race and knew I could step it up if I needed to for the five-lap main event.”

Setting the pace in the morning qualifier, KTM’s Alfredo Gomez placed first in the two-hour long race. Taking the lead on lap one, he battled back and forth with teammate Jonny Walker with Jarvis steady behind in third.

With the fastest 12 riders making it through for the five-lap main event, it was down to the serious business of racing. Gomez and Walker were first away with Jarvis and Roman setting off ten seconds later followed by Beta’s Ben Hemingway and Yamaha mounted Blake Gutzeit.

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But by the end of lap one, Jarvis had hit the front and by making shorter work of the the final rocky climb he pulled a sizeable advantage over Gomez, Walker and Roman.

Lap after lap, Jarvis continued to attack and with his pace never faltering he eased away for a comfortable victory.

“The main race was kind to me,” continued Jarvis. “I knew what I had to do and got on with it. I managed to hit all my lines and I think that was key. To get a hat trick of Getzenrodeo wins is just perfect for me.”

Behind Jarvis the battle raged between Gomez, Walker and Roman. On that final rocky climb on lap two, Gomez made his way into second, and with Walker struggling for traction, Roman followed suit in third.

From there on the positions pretty much stayed the same with Gomez claiming the runner up result.

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“It was a good race,” said Gomez. “Graham was just too fast today, of course I want to win, but Graham’s pace was something else. Credit where it’s due. Second was the best I could do.”

Picking up third, Roman was equally happy with his ride…

“It was tough out there, but with the crowd cheering you up every obstacle it pushes you on. I’ve never seen a crowd like it, it was crazy. My race was good, some mistakes, but I’m pleased with third.”

Not finding his rhythm for the main event, Walker was unable to hang onto a podium result and slipped back to fourth.

“It just wasn’t my day,” explained Walker. “I made some silly mistakes, lost my rhythm and wasn’t able to recover.”

Behind the top four, Gutzeit brought his Yamaha home in fifth while Hemingway completed the top five.

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Provisional Results - GetzenRodeo 2016

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