Birch joins Jarvis and Young for historic 2019 Roof of Africa Hard Enduro

Three former winners, Graham Jarvis, Chris Birch and Wade Young are signed up for “The Mother of all Hard Enduros”, the 2019 Roof of Africa Hard Enduro this December.  


Roof of Africa organisers have announced three-times winner of the Roof, Chris Birch is coming out of retirement to race again at this year’s event. Adding his name to the entry means the winning riders from the last 11 years –Graham Jarvis and Wade Young the most recent victor – are all competing.

Birch is long since out of full-time racing and makes it clear he’s in it for the spirit of the event, not the race win: “Very happy to be going back to Lesotho for the Mother of Hard Enduro!” Said Birchy on social media. “The Roof of Africa is really something special, an adventure more than a race.

“I've been out of international hard enduro racing for a few years now so not much chance of mixing it up with the best and that's not what I am going for. I'm going for adventure, the love of riding bikes and for a real good time! I'll be training as hard as my very full calendar allows, the better prepared I am the more fun I can have!”

2019 Motul Retro Roof Carli Ann Smith 560

Lesotho’s Maluti lowlands recently hosted the Retro Roof – an event drawing on the Roof’s heritage and passion for The Mother of Hard Enduros.

Billed as a friendly event for riders and off road drivers who had competed in the original Roof events back in the 1960s, the Retro Roof also served as an introduction to riding in Lesotho for riders who’ve never before experienced to terrain. 

The ‘Mother of Hard Enduro’ – the Motul Roof of Africa – this year will take place from December 4-7, 2019. 

Entries are still available for this year’s Roof of Africa:


Motul Retro Roof video highlights:




Photo Credit: Carli Ann Smith
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