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Five POV onboard videos and five alternate views of the Red Bull Romaniacs – study the technique and reality of riding with Lettenbichler, Roman, Walker and Jarvis POV at the iconic extreme enduro race.


Overall winner, Manuel Lettenbichler talks us through his final day, the struggles and that battle with Alfredo Gomez.


Jonny Walker’s onboard from 2019 takes us up along the peaks and typical, don’t look down moments along mountain ridges. Check just how tough the final day was around the 17 minute mark…


Graham Jarvis from day one of 2019. Check the riding style and how Jarvis is able to seemingly take less effort on the same hills. 


Best of POV across the whole event includes that famous “Sorry Bro” moment with Mario…


Mario Roman talks (English and Spanish) through his 2017 day two – yes, we know it is 2017 but the commentary delivers the insight you don’t get from a straight POV.


Jon Pearson
Enduro21 Editor and Bike Tester