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TrailTracker is a new startup company with the intention of improving trail safety by reducing the number of head-on collisions by alerting the rider to oncoming vehicles.

If you’ve ever been trail riding and found yourself second guessing if anyone is barrelling towards you around the next blind corner, then this TrailTracker setup will warn you of the danger ahead giving you time to take action.

It also has the capabilities to tell you of fallen trees and blind corners ahead, which all sounds very smart indeed.

“We see what you can't. Preventing head-on collisions two riders at a time.”

“TrailTracker is a first for ORVs," tells Zach Skogheim, founder of TrailTracker. "It is a wearable alert system that attaches to any set of goggles. By connecting to your phone it utilises the TrailTracker app along with on-board components to give the user real time alerts for things like on-coming riders, down trees, navigation, and anything the user wishes.

“Our product is wearable for all ORV riders. It attaches to your goggles and connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone. Our app communicates with the onboard components using the location of you and everyone else on the trail to give real time alerts.

“Currently both riders have to use the device to avoid head-on collisions but we want to offer a very small chip that will allow anyone with the device be alerted of a rider. If the chips are embedded in the yearly ORV trail passes then everyone has the chip.”


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TrailTracker attaches to any and every pair of goggles in two locations. The detachable TrailTracker component clips on to the elastic part of each goggle. The LED display sticks to the lens part of each goggle and connects to the TrailTracker component. Users have the option of using the same TrailTracker component on multiple sets of goggles. 


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How it works

The user can select from an attachable display or goggles with a built in display. Utilising three colour changing LEDs, the user's display gives them simple yet effective alerts. 

Each coloured light being designated to a function gives the user real time alerts to make the best decision possible. 

Red Light: Alerts the user of an on-coming rider either from the trail directly in front or on a cross road. 

Blue Light: Notifications guide the user through the trails to his or her desired destination. 

Yellow/Green Light: Alerts the rider of various other hazards set by each user on the app. 

The app is similar to something like WAZE, where the riders enter in the hazards for other people if they choose to do so. 


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We’re all for improving safety on our trails at enduro21 and it sounds like TrailTracker are aiming to do just that. 

As a startup company, with patent and prototypes, they’ll shortly launch a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign soon. Stay tuned for more details on that.





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