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Looking to try something new, the Lost Coyotes Motorcycle Club of Southern California laid on something special for it's members recently. In addition to a sprint enduro the club organised a hard enduro in the Spangler Hills area.

The entry for the hard enduro consisted of eight Pros and 29 Sportsmen. To qualify for the main event, riders had to finish withing teh top 50% in the morning qualifier. The finishing positions from the qualifier also determined riders' start positions for the main event.

All eight of the pros finished the morning qualifier. Kyle Redmond in first, Jacob Argubright in second, and Noah Kepple in third. As for the sportsmen class, only five completed the course. Jaminson Moses took first in class, Bryan Fiscalini took second in class, and Zach Spano third. All 13 riders were then sent back to the start of the main event.

The event that racers and race fans had been awaiting all day was finally here, three-and-a-half miles of severe terrain such as rocky hillclimbs posted 1400 feet above the desert floor, steep downhills, and rocky switchbacks, all of which were virgin terrain.

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With Kyle Redmond leading the way, Noah Kepple and Mitch Carvolth battled it out for second place. The two finished within mere seconds of one another. Running in the lead with Redmond, Kepple, and Carvolth, Jacob Argubright had an awesome race, all up until his race was cut short when he impaled his ankle with a stick.

Of course, only the best of the best would come out on top. Kyle Redmond finished in first with 56:25 as his finish time. Kyle spoke of the course as the hardest course he has been on in America. Noah Kepple took 2nd overall with 1:42:09 as his finish time and Mitch Carvolth finishing seconds later with a finish time of 1:42:13.

Coming 1st in class for sportsmen was Jaminson Moses, beating his awesome record from the morning qualifier of the 7th fastest overall time. Lost Coyotes put up a challenge for these riders, ensuring the survival of the fittest was proven!

The club will be back for round two in 2018, with an even more extreme course!

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