Argubright AMA National Hare and Hound Championship round 1 victory

The 52nd Annual Winter Classic in Lucerne Valley, California hosted round one of the AMA National Hare and Hound Championship with Jacob Argubright taking first honours in the 2019 series.


Unlike previous years, the 2019 Winter Classic in Lucerne Valley was warm and dusty with Desert MC providing a technical and challenging course for racers.

Sunday was main race day for an impressive line-up of riders competing the NHHA series this season. When the banner raised for row one, Beta USA's Joe Wasson and JCR Factory Honda's Ricky Brabec took up the initial lead. At the first check, Wasson and Brabec continued their battle while the 2018 NHHA Champ, Kendall Norman was riding in fourth. 

As the course got more technical and the pace slowed, Norman was able to pass Wasson and team-mate Brabec. Coming through the scoring shoot and pits for the first time, Norman lead with Brabec on his tail and Wasson in third.

Beta USA's Chance Fullerton, moving up to the Pro class after wrapping up the 2018 Pro 250 Championship, came through the pits in fifth behind Jacob Argubright.


Ricky Brabec NHHA Round 1 Enduro21 560


All change on lap two

As spectators awaited the radio and scoring news, it was Jacob Argubright coming through as the new leader. It was another 10 minutes before Argubright headed down the rocks to the finish. 

Close behind, Ricky Brabec finished second overall ahead of Joe Wasson in third. Tyler Lynn finished fourth with Dalton Shirey in fifth. 

Pro 250

In the Pro 250 class, Damon Woolslayer lead in class after loop one with Nick Stover close behind in class – both stopped in the pits ahead of loop two. Zane Roberts was not far behind in third with Preston Campbell fourth. 

By the finish Woolslayer wasn’t too far behind the lead Pro Class riders to take home his first ever Pro 250 win ahead of Zane Roberts second, but only after Nick Stover had run out of gas near the finish. Preston Campbell landed a third on the podium to round out the Pro 250 class.


Damon Woolslayer NHHA round 1 Enduro21 560


Women’s Pro Class

Finishing nearly 40 minutes ahead of her competition, Brandy Richards topped the Women Pro podium next to Morgan Tanke in second and Sharon Mowell in third. After racing in second off of the first loop, Rachel Stout finished fourth in her first Pro Women’s race. 


Brandy Richards NHHA round 1 Enduro21


KENDA SRT AMA National Hare and Hound Championship round one results:

NHHA round 1 resutls Enduro21


Saturday Youth Races

Utilizing the new race schedule for 2019, Youth classes started the weekend early Saturday morning with the PeeWee class. Leading the entire race, Maddix Park took home his first win of the season. Ayden Berry raced to second place with Levi Shade in third. The PeeWee class raced a short two mile course and all had a blast including Katin Lessing finished her first NHHA race.

Race two of the day saw 65cc and all Girls classes with Dustyn Davis taking the victory riding impressively through the technical sections. Second overall was Brennen Watson ahead of Caleb Tate who caught girls class winner, Brooke Olivas on the last lap, to land third place. 

Olivas to finish fourth overall and first in class with Allie Stambaugh in second and Ari Myrdal third. The 65cc podium was topped by Dustyn Davis with Brennen Watson in second and Caleb Tate in third.  


Maddix Parke NHHA Round 1 Enduro 560


Big Wheel race 

Lane Forbes took the holeshot in the Big Wheel race, holding the leading and impressing through the rocky sections on the eight mile course. But those rocks gave him a flat rear tyre which he struggled on with through the first loop. 

After a pitstop Forbes headed back out onto course only to get a flat front tyre! Despite that somehow Forbes managed the bike to finish and win the opening round of the series. 

Max Shapiro put pressure on Forbes but dropped down to fourth before running out of gas near the finish of the race. Coming from eighth place and working his way up to second on the podium, Mikey Wayne secured his position on the last lap with Caiden Fenstermaker in third. 

The 85cc podium saw Trevor Griffin win ahead of Jett Lessing in second and Trystun Alvarez in third. The BigWheel podium saw Lane Forbes in first, Carter Rayburn in second and Tallon Smith in third after pushing his bike across the finish line!


Lane Forbes NHHA Round 1 Enduro21 560


With a major turnout and successful race at round one, the NHHA crew look forward to round two in Post, Texas on February 23-24. 

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