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First Look: 2020 Husqvarna 701 Enduro LR - new Long Range model

Husqvarna’s new 701 Enduro LR arrives with 25 litre fuel capacity offers 500 kilometre fuel range meeting the needs of 'Long Range' off road, rally and adventure riders.


Husqvarna unveiled 10 new models at the recent 2019 EICMA show and among them was the tweaked version of the 701 Enduro. 

The Husqvarna 701 Enduro LR, Long Range, is a very simple development of the standard 701 with the addition of a new 12 litre front fuel tank. Combined with the 13 litre tank built into the subframe on the standard 701 Enduro, the front tank ramps up the fuel capacity to a mighty 25 litres.  

Husqvarna claims the new 701 Enduro LR will cover up to 500 kilometres before running dry.

Husqvarna 701 ENDURO 3 560

Aping many rally race bikes, fuel supply is easily selected while riding thanks to a handlebar mounted switch – each tank uses a separate fuel pump. The larger tank is a response to the 701 customers who are using the model for adventure riding as well as trail and rally riding – popular events in Europe like the Hellas Rally being a good example. 

A seperate upgrade kit is also available to fit the 701 Enduro. 


Clearly there’s a market for a longer range trail bike among the very large market of adventure riders who are looking for an off road capable bike but with longer fuel range.

With a declared weight of 155 kg, without fuel, and a power output of 74 hp the 701 Enduro LR should meet those needs as well as giving those overlanders a great option. Luggage and pannier kit options are also available to fit.

The 701 models all see electronic upgrades for 2020 including a new Bosch cornering ABS, lean-angle sensitive traction control, handlebar mounted map switch and easy shift which should combine to make the potential increased hours on the pegs and in the saddle easier – the ABS and traction control can be switched off also via a handlebar mounted switch. 


More information: Husqvarna-Motorcycles.com 

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