GASGAS has revealed the details behind their new, 2021 Enduro and Off-Road motorcycle range which focuses on the biggest-selling models in a simplified eight bike Enduro and Cross-Country range.

Simplicity appears to be the key to new GASGAS enduro range. As the new bikes were finally launched after many months of speculation, the details behind them are as expected very much based on the Austrian manufacturer’s highly developed platform. The reality, revealed today during their online presentation and press information, showed a blending of KTM and Husqvarna bikes with significant detail differences which mark the red bikes out from the rest of the crowd in the showrooms…

Core model focus – no 125, 150cc or 500cc models


Significantly the new GG model line-ups are simplified to just four enduro and four cross-country models. That is as opposed to the six EXC and eight EXC-F model line-up from KTM which represents a big change and, to our minds at Enduro21, a focus on the core bikes they know sell biggest across the globe. A slimming down of manufacturing costs in the current climate? Maybe that as well.

The 250 and 300 two-strokes, labelled EC 250 and EC 300 respectively, feature the fuel-injected TPI engines while the four-strokes are the user-friendly 250 F and hugely popular 350 F. What that means is GASGAS will not have a small capacity two-stroke and big capacity four-strokes in the enduro range.

Having said that and before 450 and 500 fans get on their horses, the other news to hit us today is the GASGAS stable includes an equally simple but slightly different range of Cross-Country models.

Again, there is no 125, 150 or 500 but the EX 250 F, EX 350 F and EX 450 F four-stroke and just one two-stroke, the EX 300, focuses on the kinds of bikes people buy in numbers for XC riding. Read our separate first look concentrating on the Cross-Country models First look: new GASGAS Cross-Country 2021 models

Chassis details revealed


One of the biggest question marks Enduro21 had about the 2021 GASGAS models was whether the chassis would be linkage or use the KTM PDS rear suspension configuration. The answer is linkage.

The frames are the laser cut Chromoly tailored for the different two and four-stroke models – powder-coated red of course – with the aluminium, not composite subframe. We’re glad to see it, particularly with the changed geometry of the latest generation Husqvarna models (MY2020) which have improved handling with the linkage system.

The hollow-cast aluminium swingarm is familiar as is the 22mm offset, forged triple clamps with three-way handlebar adjusters.

WP XPLOR 48mm sprung forks run the split design with compression adjustment on the left and rebound on the right with clickers fitted as standard on the fork tops. The XACT shock absorber is also adjustable for rebound plus high and low speed compression and has 300mm of travel.

New brake systems


The new GASGAS models will all run Braktec hydraulic brakes and clutch systems. Braktec are a familiar brand across many European motorcycle manufacturers certainly in trials, maybe less-so in enduro or off-road circles.

The front brake has an 11mm piston inside the master cylinder and twin 25mm pistons in the caliper biting a 260mm waved front disc. The rear brake has a 12.7mm master cylinder piston and a single 25mm piston caliper on a 220mm disc. The KTM-developed Damped Diaphragm Steel (DDS) clutch also uses the Braktec hydraulic system.

New look bodywork


The bodywork featured on the new 2021 GASGAS models was revealed earlier during 2020 when the Standing Construct MXGP team was revealed and more recently when Taddy Blazusiak’s race bike images were published.

The simple, single side panels across the tank and radiators meet big, white side number boards and white rear fender. The enduro and off-road models are distinguished from the motocross GASGAS bikes by those white panels (MX bikes are all red).

There’s a simplicity about it which we think hints at GG models of old, particularly with the front fender shape, but still brings a fresh look to the new bikes.

Tool-less air filter access

The GASGAS bikes maintain the latest generation tool-less air filter access through the side panel. It’s a simple system we have got used to which makes filter changes quick and easy.

The transparent fuel tanks will hold 8.5 litres (1.8 gals or 2.25 US gals) as standard and feature the relatively quick access fuel cap, “specific routing” of the fuel line and a fuel level sensor.

What else is familiar?

Besides the already developed and updated power plants (for MY20 KTM and Husqvarna models), each of the bikes feature six-speed Pankl transmissions, Keihin electronic management systems (EMS) tailoring power to each gear and the fuel-injected or Transfer Port Injection (TPI), counter-balanced two-stroke engines feature in the EC 250 and EC 300 models.

The electric start system on all models is fired up by a lithium-Ion battery and the EC bikes naturally feature head and tail lights where-as the closed-course Cross-Country models naturally run the number board up front and no wiring.

The models will not arrive with a fan as standard so expect that to be an option from the new GASGAS parts range. Standard exhaust systems meanwhile look very familiar from the KTM and Husqvarna models of 2020.

Wheels and tyres

The new GG models will arrive on Maxxis enduro medium tyres with CNC-machined hubs, silver alloy wheels with aluminium spoke nipples (spoke material is not revealed as yet) from an undisclosed wheel manufacturer.

Technical accessory range

The 2021 GASGAS range will naturally arrive with a whole heap of upgrade parts available. That includes full Akrapovic exhaust systems, slip-on Akrapovic muffler, off-set adjustable triple clamps (just like Taddy Blazusiak’s), handguards, D.I.D. stronger wheel sets, preload adjusters and more including a new clothing and apparel range.

Technical specifications:


At the time of writing the pricing details have not been set for the 2021 GASGAS range – more on that when we get it.

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