Back to blue for 2022, Sherco announces the new Factory and Racing Enduro model range for the season ahead. Enduro21 takes a look at the details.

Sherco has already fed us a teaser video earlier this week of their 2022 Enduro range. It was hint at what was to come as we glimpsed the new, kinda retro, blue colours and graphics which hark back to the French manufacturer’s roots. 

In the light of the pandemic and its effect on travel and racing, especially in Europe, you’d be excused for thinking some manufacturers would have a fallow year in 2022. But not so for Sherco who have introduced some meaningful changes across their two and four-stroke ranges.

As ever with Sherco (and to explain because not everyone gets it) the Enduro range is split into two: Racing models are actually less racey with a ‘softer’ setting and lower price tag alongside the Factory models which come equipped with a meaningfully long list of upgraded parts as standard making them more fit for racing. Got it?

The Racing range is honed to just three now: 250 and 300 SE two-strokes and the all-rounder 300 SEF four-stroke. The Factory range meanwhile is the full gamut of three two-strokes (SE 125, 250 and 300) and the four four-stroke models (SEF 250, 300, 450 and 500).

2022 Sherco Factory Enduro model highlights:

  • New 2022 graphics
  • New diamond pattern grey Selle Dalla Valle seat
  • KYB closed cartridge suspensions units
  • NEW Akrapovič titanium 4T exhaust system
  • AXP skid plate
  • Galfer front brake disc
  • New less cumbersome Neken handlebar pad
  • Expansion tank and radiator fan
  • New Brembo brake pads

2022 Racing Enduro model highlights:

  • New 2022 graphics kit 
  • Black comfort seat – less abrasive than the Factory model.
  • Black frame guards
  • New handlebar grips
  • New Kayaba open cartridge fork
  • New Kayaba shock absorber
  • Black Excel rims
  • Michelin medium enduro tyres
  • FMF header pipe as standard (SE 250/300)
  • New Brembo brake pads



Across all the major markets in Europe and North America, Sherco has racing pedigree in which they’re keen to associate with the new models. Championship titles in different enduro and off-road disciplines (Sprint, Extreme, National Enduro, GNCC and EnduroGP) in Britain, France, Italy, USA, plus the successes in extreme enduro are all part of the development process directly feeding model development. Surprisingly the link is also there between the bike rally bikes racing in the Dakar. Racing is improving this breed it seems.

Big 4T engines improve reliability 

Sherco say their increasingly successful Rally team is a direct link to the development of their larger capacity four-stroke models. One such development is the new bottom end of the big motor which is reinforced with a new crankshaft and larger bearings (from 62mm to 72mm) for 2022.

Item number two on that list of details derived from dashing across deserts is better cooling in the big 4T engines. The water jacket in the cylinder head is larger to improve cooling in hotter and harder riding conditions.

There’s a larger bearing on the gearbox output shaft also which helps with reliability on the direct drive to the chain and rear wheel.  

Two-stroke exhaust valves

The two-stroke models have a new SBS electronic exhaust valve to control the valve position – it’s under that black cover on the left side of the engines. 


Sherco say their engineers have developed the programmable valve system with the R&D department and test riders to not work with throttle opening as it common but engine speed. The result is the right amount of power in each gear and rpm plus more efficiency they claim. 

Each bike (2T and 4T) from the 250 upwards also has a selectable switch on the bars as standard to adjust from full power to a softer setting for different conditions. 

Kayaba suspension

KYB suspension has always been standard on the Factory edition but in recent model years the Racing models have arrived with WP suspension as standard in a lower spec. For 2022 model year both models will run those KYB stickers up the side with suspension units specifically developed for the Factory and Racing ranges. 


The Racing models have the KYB open cartridge fork which has a softer settings that combines “comfort and safety on the bike” they say and can be identified by black stickers on the fork legs.

The Factory range gets red stickers to signify the higher spec closed cartridge KYB units which have a more race-oriented setting. The KYB shock meanwhile is the same high-end unit on both models.

Akrapovic system as standard

The Factory 4T bikes all get a titanium Akrapovic full exhaust system for 2022 which Sherco claim doesn’t just look good but obviously has significant weight savings. 

The new exhausts also mean a change in the engine mapping also across all Factory models to suit the new power characteristics and combine to make the engines “rev faster and provide a pleasant power increase that is very linear” Sherco say. 

The Racing models don’t have the same exhaust system but it is by no means a poor relation with the 2T models arriving with FMF Gold Series expansion chambers as standard. 

Details across the models

Braking systems around the different Sherco models are supplied by Brembo but for 2022 the front brakes on the Factory models have a Galfer disc or rotor. Sherco say the combination of Brembo master cylinder and pads with the Galfer rotor improves performance. 


The 250 and 300 2T models get a new gear selector which basically makes it more easily removeable – a little bit of feedback from their race teams and customers.

The Factory editions come with a very meaningful skid plate fitted as standard, the AXP 6mm plate from the French manufacturer. There’s also a smaller handlebar pad on the Neken bars which is less cumbersome. 


Another pair of positives worth noting on the Factory models are the fan and coolant expansion chamber as standard. If you’re into hard or extreme enduros and spend time getting hot in the woods, climbing hills and getting stuck in rocky gulleys this addition is meaningful. 

Taking steps not leaps forwards

The updates to the 2022 Sherco Enduro range are typical of the French manufacturer. They are steps forward rather than leaps but that is standard practice for Sherco who more often prefer to keep the updates coming year-on-year rather than make jumps every few years. 

More reliable big 4T engines, the electronic exhaust valve on the 2Ts and new KYB suspension on the Racing models are the highlights mechanically. The details across the Racing mdoels are always woth close inspection too.

The new, blue graphics and plastics are fresh enough to mark the different model year and they maintain Sherco’s stand-apart looks in the showrooms as well as out on the track and trails. 

2022 Sherco Enduro Factory specifications:



2022 Sherco Enduro Racing specifications:



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