Feast your eyes on the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Enduro Team bikes of Graham Jarvis, Billy Bolt and Alfredo Gomez looking primed ahead of the 2020 WESS Enduro World Championship.

This is our first look at the bikes Jarvis, Bolt and Gomez will race in the 2020 WESS series. The boys are expected as in previous years to make choices between the two-stroke and four-stroke models for the WESS rounds depending on the race type and their preference. Billy Bolt will likely use the FE at round one for example, the Hawkstone Park Cross-Country while Jarvis and Gomez are more old school and tend to favour the 300 2T.

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2020 WESS championship as it currently stands:  

September 19-20 Hawkstone Park Cross-Country, UK

October 2-4 Extreme XL Lagares, Portugal

October 9-11 Hixpania Hard Enduro, Spain

October 27-31 Red Bull Romaniacs, Romania


Photo Credit: Future7Media