Acerbis has presented their new Steel Carbon off-road helmet, a carbon fibre lid that focuses on protection, improved comfort and ventilation plus is designed to be neck brace friendly.

The manufacturer from Bergamo in northern Italy has an impressive heritage in enduro and will be known to many Enduro21 readers for their bike parts and clothing range.

The new Steel Carbon helmet sits at the top of the ‘2021 Off-Road Collection’ and admittedly caught our eyes because of the striking shell shape and the spec details. According to Acerbis this new model was “born from the combination of the best material technology and years of on-track experience.” They should know.

Carbon fibre shell

The shell on the Steel Carbon is, as the name suggests, made of carbon fibre (no steel though!) and weighs in at around a claimed 940 grams, making it one of the lightest helmets of the enduro market.

Acerbis has also focused on making it fit “comfortably” with a neck brace, an item which we’re seeing more enduro riders use in recent times.

The interior features a soft and comfy padding which is removable, hypoallergenic, washable and features Acerbis’ own design “Comfort System” in the cheek area to improve fitment they say. The double ring closure strap also benefits from this padding to eliminate brushing on the neck.

Acerbis Steel Carbon 2021 in a nutshell:

  • 940g + - 60g in size "M"
  • Shell made of carbon
  • Completely revised ventilation of the central nose, ample ventilation in the nape area
  • New ducts made in polystyrene for improved ventilation flow through the interior
  • Additional air intake in the lower area of ​​the helmet to help extraction of hot air/humidity
  • New soft touch interior with high humidity evacuation
  • Wider nose guard area for greater protection from branches or debris
  • Removable, hypoallergenic and washable interior
  • Double d-ring closure strap
  • Shell compatible with neck brace
  • Padding with ‘Comfort System’ cheek pads which also wrap around the chin strap, both can be removed and washed
  • Carbon fibre outer shell, double shell layers
  • ECE / ONU APPROVAL 22-05

The new Steel Carbon is already available in the Acerbis dealer network together with replacement parts for the visor, screws, front air intake and the interior padding.

Colours: White/Black, Silver, Grey, Orange/Blue, White/Yellow

Sizes: XS-2XL

Price: TBA

More information: