Galfer launch their Shark Disc to the world media with Steve Holcombe and Hamish Macdonald on testing duties – Enduro21 finds out more about the new front brake rotors claim better performance, power and pad life.

Galfer made a big update to their off-road brake range with the Shark rear disc (rotor), unveiled at EICMA 2023. Apart from looking good it is strong, better regulates operating temperatures and has more consistent performance.

The Spanish manufacturer, whose products you will see across many enduro and motocross models direct form the factory, has transferred that technology to the other end of a bike with the new Shark front brake disc.

Galfer’s say the Shark’s innovative design improves precision and consistency in braking, larger surface area for increase stopping power, improved feel for the rider, “significantly improved bike handling and stability” thanks to increased heat dissipation and reduced wear plus a low weight.

The official presentation took place during June in Italy with media, together with the best Galfer riders from the Enduro and Motocross World Championships, getting the chance to test the new Shark front disc (and rear) on track.

Key technical benefits:

  • Lower operating temperature with a 30% reduction compared to other high-end discs currently on the market
  • Manufactured as one piece for greater strength
  • Stability of performance even in the least favourable temperature conditions, consistent behaviour at all times
  • Maximum stopping power thanks to a 20% larger braking surface than previous disc range, increasing pad contact time and braking power (holes/cuts enhance braking by making the pad scrape more aggressively)
  • Extended brake pad life by 25-40% under normal conditions – disc durability is also increased

Reducing heat build-up

Developed with the aim of solving the problem of brake disc overheating, the Disc Shark® is all about the thermal behaviour of the part and operating temperature while you ride and race.

One thing that is clear from Galfer is the amount of research they put into maximising heat dissipation was extensive. From our initial conversations with the product designer when they launched the Shark rear disc, we heard their guarantees of “exceptional performance under all conditions” and put that claim to the test, fitting one to our long term test KTM EXC 250. A long story short, it really did prove itself tough through all conditions and, as they say, remain super-consistent through a wide range of conditions.


Shark disc design main features

Openings and fins are a distinctive characteristics of the Galfer Shark range increase the contact area of the disc with the air, allowing for more efficient and faster heat dispersion. This results in a significant reduction in the operating temperature, with obvious benefits for performance and component durability.


The Shark rear disc is available in two thicknesses: 5mm and 4mm, respectively  for enduro and motocross they say but we’re inclined to ad that will depend on the type of riding you do. Sprint enduro rider for example might want to favour the 4mm option for lighter handling and direction changes. Having the choice is a bonus.


Major benefits to the rider

The design of the Shark front disc not only tackles the brake overheating issue but also brings benefits including better control, durability and they say is safer too.

From our testing we can say it does bring more feel and precision, offering control in any given situation, which in turn lets you moderate your fingers on the lever.

You might ask how can it be more safe but that consistent brake performance, particularly on steep descents or really hard braking environments, comes from the control of the temperature in the disc and the greater surface are for the pad.


Galfer also say the Shark disc improves durability of both the brake pads and the disc itself, reducing maintenance costs which obviously helps in the long term.

The new Shark front disc , like the rear disc, was developed with the best  riders including Steve Holcombe, Brad Freeman and Hamish Macdonald.  

The Shark front disc is just part of Galfer’s complete range of products and is available for the main off-road models from KTM, GASGAS, Husqvarna, Beta, Honda, Sherco, Yamaha, Stark and TM Racing. Galfer say a second phase coming soon will see them developed for Kawasaki, Suzuki, Ducati and Rieju models.


The RRP of the new Shark front disc is €135 + VAT, while the rear is €125 + VAT, regardless of thickness (5mm and 4mm).

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Photo Credit: Galfer | Cristiano Morello