Two Ride’s latest product for the enduro market, the Chain Tangle Eliminator (CTE), aims to put a stop to derailed chains causing chaos around your front sprocket.

A derailed chain while you’re riding can have terrible consequences to your engine cases or drive shaft. If you continue to try and ride, not knowing the chain has derailed, the chain can the pile-up around the front sprocket causing a nightmare to untangle and at worst, an expensive repair. Either smashed engine case or bent drive shaft (or both) ain’t cheap.

Things can be amplified in mudder or deep snow and icy conditions where the build-up of the mud or ice around sprockets, swingarms, rear wheel can force the chain off more readily.

The Two Ride Chain Tangle Eliminator aims to be the solution to that problem simply by not letting the chain drop in behind the rear sprocket. Without the slack, it cannot snaked-up around the front sprocket.

The manufacture says if you have a good chain guide fitted then the CTE will help the chain naturally set itself back on the rear sprocket.

To our minds and riding experience, a good chain block protector should be doing this job (like the AXP one we have fitted here), and should keep the chain on the straight and narrow.

A good front sprocket protector will help as well in preventing the spaghetti effect it can also be a cause of the problems if the chain pushes that front one, bending its bolts in the cases and making the situation worse.

Fits in seconds

Fitting the CTE takes literally seconds with just two bolts, set opposing each other, which tighten up with a hex or allen key. The CTE is constructed from tough plastic and has one sloped side cut to match the angle of your spokes so it will only fit one way around.

The CTE is a budget-friendly solution too at €40/$44 and the latest version has a direction arrow in the front of the text you can see on the top side plus small dimples to accommodate some sprocket types (like Supersprox) which have raised pins on the inside of the sprocket.

This one is fitted to a 2024 KTM 250 EXC but the wheels are the same across the Austrian brand’s bikes and previous model years. Shipping is through dealers (listed in contact on the website below).

Cost: €40/$44


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