Enduro21 takes a quick look at the new brand Ride Nutrition being used by Billy Bolt – a pre-ride nutrition drink which claims to help you ride for longer but without the BS.

RIDE Nutrition aren’t claiming “miracle solutions” for enduro riders with their new pre-ride drink. There are no unrealistic promises and bullshit is thankfully kept to a minimum here, we like it already. Sure, if you a prime athlete it matters but for most of us something that might help us feel fresher for longer in a three hour enduro and which tastes good is all we need to know.

The goal seems to be to keep it simple with these guys:  a new product blended from natural ingredients and developed using genuine experience (and some science) garnered from world-class enduro and MTB competition.

It couldn’t get simpler than just one product, the Pre-Load Nitrate Blend powder pack, plus there’s a bottle to put it in and a few beanies. It’s a deliberate policy and frankly who needs some of the bull crap you can have thrown at you from sports nutrition manufacturers.

What’s in it?

The largest ingredient on the packet is beetroot, a well-known pre-workout food stuff (for want of a better phrase). Beetroot is proven to help increase stamina, endurance, improve blood flow, help with hydration, and decreased muscle soreness.

RIDE Nutrition reckon not everyone wants or likes the taste of beetroot and while cycling fraternity might love a good beetroot, ginger and celery smoothie of a morning, a couple of scoops of apple and morello cherry-flavoured powder mixed in 300ml of water is a lot sweeter.

The routine is simple, just add two scoops to water, drink it two to three hours before a ride and that is it. Enduro21 will give it a try and report back but there’s a fella by the name of Billy Bolt using it and he claims it works. Positive effects on arm pump is one area people are pointing at with it.


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There are some cool, quick-read features on the RIDE Nutrition website if you want to learn more. Features to explain what the nitrate hype is all about, what fluids hydrate your body best and even why not to use mouth wash before a race.


Cost: £26.99 for 12 servings

Contact: www.ridenutrition.co.uk