Billy Bolt has set the fastest time in the Friday night Super Test at round two of the EnduroGP World Championship in Edolo, Italy.  

Yes, you read that correctly. Billy Bolt beat the EnduroGP class of 2021 in his first-ever Super Test. Ok, it’s just the start of a very long GP weekend ahead in Italy but still, Billy topping the entire EnduroGP field turns the world upside down a little.

EnduroGP of Italy, Super Test in a nutshell:

  • The technical test ran in dry conditions and was around a minute and a half long with a healthy dose of rocks and a decent concrete step to overcome.
  • Conditions played into the Super Enduro World Champion Billy Bolt’s hands but that should take nothing away from him, this is the Enduro World Championship. 
  • Billy ran out the easy winner, a full four seconds faster than Brad Freeman...
  • Josep Garcia was third, narrowly ahead of Taddy Blazusiak also impressive in fourth with Jaume Betriu fifth.
  • Enrico Rinaldi made sure the Italian crowd were happy by taking his GASGAS to the top spot in the Juniors ahead of Antoine Criq and Luca Fischeder.
  • Random fact alert: there were nine different nationalities in the Junior class top 10.
  • Youth 125 riders were first on track at 18:00 and conditions favoured them as the test got beaten up as the night progressed.
  • Fastest by a second and a half (with a time quick enough to put him inside the top 10 overall) was French rider Leo Joyon on a Beta. Joint championship points leader Albin Norrbin was second ahead of Kevin Cristino.

EnduroGP of Italy, Super Test results:





Photo Credit: Enduro21 | Andrea Belluschi