Steve Holcombe has become the 2020 EnduroGP World Champion after a dramatic final day’s racing saw Brad Freeman lead the entire day only to run out of fuel in the last test – Andrea Verona grabs the E1 World Championship and EnduroGP bronze medal while Jane Daniels smashes the Women’s World Cup class.

EnduroGP final day in a nutshell:

  • Tough, tough riding conditions brought out the best in Brad Freeman on the final day’s racing in the 2020 EnduroGP championship. The chips were down in the contest between the Beta teammates and in horrible riding conditions Freeman rode his socks off.
  • A decisive Extreme tes on lap three saw Brad nearly 10 seconds fastest overall while Holcombe lost almost 30 seconds and it looked like this was the moment the 2020 EnduroGP world title had been won and lost.
  • But the pendulum swung back in favour of Holcombe as first Freeman’s bike spluttered through test eight before finally giving up the game in the ninth and last test having ran out of fuel.
  • That final twist in the plot handed Josep Garcia the GP day win and in turn second place to Holcombe who was able to claim the overall title. “Honestly I don’t deserve to win after the way I rode today but after how I have ridden all season, I do.” Said the now seven-time World Champion.
  • The fight for third overall in EGP and the E1 World Championship went to favourite Andrea Verona who already had seven point lead over Thomas Oldrati but duly delivered the E1 day win for the E1 crown for impressive back-to-back world titles.
  • The drama extended down to the Enduro Youth title fight as well where Jed Etchells was also victim to cruel bike gremlins. A disconnected throttle cable saw him lose 24 minutes and with it the title went the way of Spaniard Sergio Navarro whose consistency paid off.
  • The hard riding conditions brought out the best in Harry Edmondson and Claudio Spanu who traded the overall lead in Youth class with Claudio in the end taking his maiden victory.
  •  Jane Daniels basically sewed-up the Women’s World Cup title by the end of lap one. The British rider went on to secure a huge victory margin and with it consecutive Women’s titles.
  • The conditions also brought out the best in extreme enduro specialist Sandra Gomez who won tests on the way to third on the podium behind compatriot Mireia Badia who takes silver overall in the Women’s World Cup.  
  • Though Hamish Macdonald was crowned 2020 Junior World Champion yesterday, it didn’t slow him down any as he took the last EJ win by almost one minute. Macdonald also takes the J2 title and was joined in the EJ winner’s circle by Roni Kytonen who is crowned J1 World Champion.

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Photo Credit: Enduro21 | Nicki Martinez