“The Biene truly showed its spines.” Said MC Isolator track spokesman Otto about the race day at the Biene motorsport facility in Neuhaus-Schierschnitz. It was a tough race but in the end the results was the same – another victory for Leon Hentschel in the 2021 German Hard Enduro Series.

After rainfall in the last week, the weather presented itself again from its best side and had left only a few wet sections for the approximately 90 drivers. However, these were a real spectacle at the 3rd race of the season of the MAXXIS HardEnduroSeries Germany 2021.

The many spectators who travelled to the event were also satisfied with the event, especially because the motorsport-crazy region of southern Thuringia had to wait 1 1/2 years until the Corona event could finally be held.

Hentschel takes Endurides Prolog 

With a fabulous time of 3:01 minutes, Leon Hentschel set the mark in the Endurides Prolog. Behind him though, on the fast prologue, other riders were able to show their skills this time including Louis Richter. So far this season Richter hasn’t really shone in the prologue races but in Neuhaus-Schierschnitz he did everything right and took second place despite a late start.

The biggest surprise of the morning, however, was Felix Bähker, who was almost the last to start and managed third place in the strong field.

Demanding group races

The group races decide who will make it to the final of the day. Normally, the riders don’t risk much but they can still shatter dreams. This is what almost happened to Paul-Erik Huster in the second group race. The Junior had a bike problem on the first lap and lost so much time that he was lapped by many including his Junior class rival, Louis Richter. In the end, however, the KTM Theiner rider did enough to make it into the final.

The second group race saw Leon Hentschel and Louis Richter, the favourites, win and qualify up on row one in the final.

Perfect score for Hentschel


Leon Hentschel only briefly lost his lead in the final race to Max Faude when he was the first to stumble at the concrete tubes on the first lap. It turned out to be a decisive obstacle in the 60-minute race with whoever got through it smoothly ending up quite far ahead in the final result. The notorious waterhole with a short uphill section, which had caused headaches in the past, was defused in advance by MC Isolator club and did not play a decisive role in the race this time.

Hentschel then, after regaining the lead, put himself back in front and went on to extended it ahead of Faude who secured second place in front of Paul-Erik Huster, who also won the Junior class. One notable absentee from the usual podium was Tim Apolle who was on ISDE duties in Italy.

Winner Leon Hentschel was very satisfied after crossing the finish line: “Of course it's good to extend the lead here. It was mega fun, it was an awesome lap.”

Paul-Erik Huster’s victory in the Junior class means that he is now the new leader in this classification. Timo Jungmann remains in the lead in the Senior class, although he had to admit defeat to Rene Jerbach from Estonia this time.


The MAXXIS HardEnduroSeries Germany continues next weekend, September 11-12, at the MelzExdraehm in Meltewitz.


Results, online entries and more information: www.hardenduro-germany.de


Photo Credit: TK420 | Toni Keller