Full picture sequence of what could be the greatest Hard Enduro ‘send’ caught on camera. If there’s a better example in this world than Chance Daly and his skyrocket Sherco 300 at the Grinding Stone Hard Enduro then we’d like to see it.

Send (verb): to cause, permit, or enable to go, to cause to be conveyed or transmitted to a destination, to dispatch…in enduro to launch your bike when you think you ain’t gonna make it.

The photographer with her finger on the trigger at round one of the 2021 Kenda AMA Extreme Enduro series was Mary Rinell at MJSMotoPhotos. Mary tells Enduro21 that Chance, “pretty much, he held the throttle pinned and set it for launch mode!

“This section was called Wells Falls and it was catching a lot of riders. After a rough start and falling behind in the Pro class, Chance got to the falls and he had a row of A-class riders in front of him. Rather than wait in the amateur line to be roped up he launched the Pro line, and by launched I DO mean launched!”

The beauty of it is how Chance nailed the landing for minimal damage! Hats off to him and thanks for sharing Mary.