Further updates to the 2023 FIM Hard Enduro World Championship sees the Hixpania Hard Enduro replace the Roof of Africa as the penultimate round of the series – new three-day format for Spanish event this year.

With uncertainty surrounding the event organisation at the Roof of Africa in Lesotho, FIM Hard Enduro World Championship promoters WESS GmbH have reluctantly been forced to remove the event from the 2023 schedule.

Although the decision to remove the Roof of Africa was not taken lightly, they say the hope is the iconic race in Lesotho will debut in the FIM Hard Enduro World Championship in the very near future. Lesotho Off Road Association say the Roof is still happening this year, but without the world championship status.

That means the 24MX Hixpania Hard Enduro is back in on October 13-15 in Aguilar de Campoo, forming the penultimate round of the seven-round world championship.


FIM Hard Enduro World Championship Manager Winfried Kerschhaggl says they are disappointed to drop the Roof of Africa from this year’s world championship calendar. “Losing the trusted and planned organiser seven months ahead of the event, we simply ran out of avenues to ensure a successful running of the race.”

Kerschhaggl adds, “Hopefully, in the near future we will travel to Lesotho. Parallel to those discussions we were able to find a replacement to round six with the 24MX Hixpania Hard Enduro.

“Initially we had intended to return to Aguilar de Campoo in 2024, but by bringing things forward 12 months it will further strengthen the 2023 championship with some incredible racing.”

Amended 2023 FIM Hard Enduro World Championship calendar:

Round 1: Xross, Serbia - May 17/18/19/20

Round 2: Red Bull Erzbergrodeo, Austria - June 8/9/10/11

Round 3: Red Bull Abestone, Italy - July 7/8/9

Round 4: Red Bull Romaniacs, Romania - July 25/26/27/28/29

Round 5: Red Bull Outliers, Canada - August 26/27

Round 6: 24MX Hixpania Hard Enduro, Spain - October 13/15

Round 7: 24MX GetzenRodeo, Germany - November 3/4

New format for 2023 at Hixpania

The 24MX Hixpania Hard Enduro needs little introduction as an established event in its own right by now. The street prologue is always a crowd pleaser, and a new three day format this year will bring plenty to the table for amateur and Pro riders in the HEWC championship.


Enrique Caballero, director of Hixpania Hard Enduro says they are happy to step back in a year earlier than planned, “We have a very good relationship with the World Championship, of which Hixpania was already scheduled to take part next year and in successive even years.

“For our part, whether you like it or not, being part of the HEWC gives us greater visualisation and notoriety. And even more so this year becasue the Hixpania Hard Enduro format will grow with one more day of competition.”

Caballero says the ‘23 Hixpania will have one more day of competition, held from October 13-15, with changes to the format on day one, Friday. Previously the event included a timed SuperEnduro-style qualification run through the spectacular Campoo course (with a final for the top qualifiers).

“There will be two timed runs in sections of about 10 or 15 minutes,” says Caballero “with the best time counting for the ‘straight rhythm’ classification, since this year the SuperEncierro (SuperEnduro races) will be a parallel race with two riders, which only the riders of the Hard Enduro World Championship will participate.”

The days of Saturday and Sunday will remain the same as last year, with a long distance race on Saturday and Hixpania Hard Enduro, in the quarry, on Sunday.

The opening round of the 2023 championship takes place in just over two months’ time with the Xross Hard Enduro Challenge in Serbia on May 17-20 with entries already open and filling fast (or full already) for many events in the calendar, including round three in Italy, the Red Bull Abestone in July.


More information: www.iridehardenduro.com


Photo Credit: Future7Media