Mario Roman’s now legendary 2019 Red Bull Romaniacs “Sorry Bro!” catchphrase set for limited t-shirts and apparel range. 

Factory Sherco Racing’s Mario Roman made a name for himself at the 2019 Red Bull Romaniacs after politely dishing out a “sorry bro” every time he encounters a slower rider on the track. With so much of it caught by the onboard cameras, Roman’s “Sorry Bro!” became a catchphrase. 

In response, Mario has put out a limited range of clothing with his new catchphrase on the front. 

The “Sorry Bro!” gear is in part tribute to the guy who did his best to allow Mario past only to let his bike tumble down the steep, Romanian mountainside. It was when “sorry bro” became, “big sorry bro!” as the bike slipped its way down hill.


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