Laia Sanz has announced she will fight for another title in the 2021 TrialGP World Championship when series kicks-off in Italy on June 11. Sanz, now also a GASGAS brand ambassador, says she is “racing for fun” and leaves the door open to other disciplines – will that be a comeback to EnduroGP?

“I’m so happy about competing in trial again!”, says the 13-time trials World Champion, five-time Enduro World Champion and 11-time Dakar Rally finisher who’s pumped to get back to her roots. Laia Sanz started grabbing titles in trials before successfully changing to enduro and then rally. 

“I have always loved trial and to have the possibility to return with GASGAS it’s just perfect,” adds Laia who was planning to make a comeback in 2020 but was forced to postpone it due to contracting the Lyme disease. 

“The bike works so, so well, so rather than testing I’ve been able to focus on regaining the skills needed to compete at the highest level, and I feel like I am getting there now. Eight years have gone by since my last TrialGP season so obviously I have lost some of my ability, but I feel good and I’m getting more and more comfortable with the bike each day,” says Laia who has been posting videos on her social pages. 


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GASGAS ambassador

What pricked our ears on Enduro21 was Sanz saying she might compete some one-off races on the GASGAS range. “We [GASGAS] began our journey together last year so to continue with the brand and be more hands on with all the bikes is really important. Not only are they really enjoyable to ride but they are great for training and who knows, maybe I’ll compete in some one-off races for fun.”

“Once a trials rider, always a trials rider,” admits Albert Cabestany, GASGAS Factory Racing Trial Team Manager, talking about the Laia’s absence in trials for the last years where she focused in EnduroGP and the Dakar Rally. “Laia is ambitious but she’s conscious that she has been out of trials for some years.” To what he adds “Having Laia back in trial is great news, not only for the whole GASGAS team but also for the sport of trial. It’ll be great to have someone who can challenge Emma Bristow.”

About those one-off races though, are we going to see her back in EnduroGP? 


Photo Credit: GASGAS