Result from round three of the 2023 FIM SuperEnduro World Championship in Budapest, Hungary where a typically and unpredictable night’s racing across all classes saw that man Billy Bolt again the overall victor.


2023 SuperEnduro GP of Hungary in a nutshell:

  • Cooper Abbott got the Superpole hots laps underway inside the Laszlo Arena in Budapest with a tidy benchmark run for the fastest seven riders to aim at. But everyone in order turned quicker laps with Taddy in the middle dramatically crashing over the line before finally Billy rocked a 43 second lap – a full second and a half fastest. It was a familiar scenario.
  • The technical track layout again played a role in races which were physically hard work with a tight, rocky turn slowing the flow down and a log matrix on the back straight which proved a real recipe for a crashes and arm pump across all classes.
  • Prestige race one saw Dominik Olszowy getting the holeshot but Walker and then Bolt were fast to get past. The Bolt show unfolded so fast the slower riders were catching Billy out and it helped Walker keep Bill honest. In the end it was Bolt from Walker with Cooper Abbott solid for his best-ever SuperEnduro moto result in third.
  • The race ended early with Eddie Karlsson crashing badly, bringing out the red flag. The Swede was still classified in fine fourth place although he would take no further part in the evening. 
  • Race two should have been a different story with the reverse grid but it wasn’t even halfway through lap one before Olszowy then Webb lead before Bolt took over.
  • BUT, despite a series of feet up laps making it look easy, Bolt got hung up in the tight rock turn and suddenly Cody had a surprise lead. It was a great race to watch Bolt close and retake the lead for the win ahead of Webb with Walker working hard for third.
  • Race three was something of a showcase from Bolt who put it together near-perfectly for the third win and the overall. Walker and Webb maintained station for second and third in a repeat performance of previous rounds but, again, they had no response for Billy’s technique for ironing out these tracks.
  • It should be boring writing this, seeing Billy win each time, but it’s far from it. The boy is unreal to watch and the racing this season is awesome, perfect sport.

SuperEnduro GP of Hungary overall classification, Prestige class:


SuperEnduro GP of Hungary heat 1 results:


SuperEnduro GP of Hungary heat 2 results:


SuperEnduro GP of Hungary heat 3 results:


SuperEnduro GP of Hungary Superpole results:



SuperEnduro Junior class in a nutshell:

  • The first Junior moto of the night played out nicely for Milan Schmueser who needed to take some points away from championship points leaders, brothers Mitch and Ash Brightmore. The younger, 16-year-old Brightmore was the best of the rest and he hounded Schmueser to make a lovely move for the win on the final lap.
  • Race two and the Brightmores were again lost in the logs with Burts Crayston taking an early lead. It was nearly impossible to keep up with who was where but in the end is was Spanish rider Raul Guimera who looked the calmest for a maiden win. Schmueser was second scoring some valuable points.
  • The final Junior race would see a tight overall GP win on the cards between Guimera, Schmueser and Ash Brightmore. Mitch took and kept the lead to the finish, maintaining the overall championship lead, with Ash getting the overall win after “a mint” ride. As a reminder, he’s just 16 but looked like twice that tonight.

Junior overall classification:


Junior heat 1 results:


Junior heat 2 results:


Junior heat 3 results:


SuperEnduro European Championship in a nutshell:

  • The local boys were quick out the gate in the European Championship races but equally quick to crash and it was Alessandro Azzalini who led the first race home from the series leader Peace.
  • Race two was awesome for its chaos. Mark Szoke pulled a last lap, last corner pass to make the Hungarian crowd go wild for a win with Peace steady to maintain the overall points lead with P2 and P3 on the night. The European riders will miss the next round but return for the final in Poland on March 18.

European Championship overall classification:



Photo Credit: Future7Media | Nicki Martinez