Defending series champion, FMF KTM Factory Racing’s Johnny Girroir, remains undefeated in the 2024 US Sprint Enduro Series after topping round two at Silver Hawk Plantation in Union, South Carolina.

The big guy Johnny Girroir was in blistering form to continue his dominance in the US Sprint series, finishing ahead of AmPro Yamaha’s Liam Draper in seond and Rockstar Husqvarna’s Craig Delong third.

Still coming to grips with his 450, Draper didn’t make it easy on Girroir and won the first test of the weekend to kick off Saturday. He went on to win two more on Sunday but Girroir ran out a comfortable winner over the course of the two days by a minute and 15 seconds.

“Yesterday I struggled in the cross, like I always do,” said Girroir. “But I was able to make up some time in the enduro test. I was just feeling really good, flowing really nice. Brought the intensity again on day two and was able to have a really good weekend. Liam was riding really good, and Craig (DeLong) started riding really good towards the end there. It was just a good, fun weekend. The cross test was awesome and the woods test was gnarly.”

Liam Draper took advantage of his woods riding skills since he rode the national enduro series last year to pick up a pair of enduro wins on Sunday. “I was battling with Johnny for the first half of both days and got a little lead a few times each day, so that was cool,” said Draper. “It’s definitely been a good start on the 450, and I’m enjoying it. I struggled a little bit towards the end there. The track just got super rough. I just kind of brought it home in second, but it was a good weekend.”

Delong, third, burns his butt

Rockstar Energy Husqvarna’s Craig DeLong rounded out the podium after getting off to a slow start on Saturday. “I had a crash yesterday and ended up sitting on my header pipe.” Delong explained. “I got two burns on my butt. So, I lost some time yesterday. I probably would have had third yesterday [without the crash]. Today I struggled a bit in the morning. I was messing with my bike and got it working a lot better there halfway through the day. For the cross-test test, I picked up a little bit of time, but for the enduro test, I was able to pick up some more time. I was feeling more like myself. So, that was good. It’s good for my mental side. Just put me in a happier spot.”

Fight for fourth

Phoenix Honda Racing’s Cody Barnes and Husqvarna rider Jason Tino battled back and forth all weekend for fourth place, with Barnes getting the better of Tino and taking fourth in Pro 1, while Jason took fifth overall and won the Pro 2 class.

Landers KTM Racing’s Gus Riordan was second in the Pro 2 division and sixth overall at this round two: “I was pretty slow.” Said Gus. “I was still able to get second, but Tanner was on one. He rode well. Just cruise along. The cross tests I didn’t mind, but the woods test, I felt like I was at a national enduro. I’ve never done one, but it was too tough for my liking. But it was good.”


Enduro Engineering rider Josh Toth (GG) had a rough day and finished seventh while Babbitts Off-road Kawasaki’s JoJo Cunningham was eighth overall and first Pro-Am rider. Rounding out the top 10 overall was British rider Jack Edmondson, third in Pro 2 class, and Jack Simon.

Brandy Richards tops Pro Women’s division once again

FMF KTM Factory Racing’s Brandy Richards dominated the Pro Women’s division once again at round two, sweeping 10 of 12 tests in the process. Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing’s Korie Steede came home second while FactoryONE Sherco’s Rachel Gutish can claim to have taken test wins away from Richards, two of the 12, but was inconsistent across the weekend.


“I was stoked on the cross test, having some bumps out there,” said Richards. “It was super flowing. The enduro test, I was a little hesitant going into it just because that’s probably the tightest stuff I’ve ridden all year. But I’m extremely happy with how I felt in it and how I progressed all weekend. These girls are fast. They’re ripping. Every test I go out there, I have to be on my toes and push. It was a good weekend. Super happy with it.”

“The enduro test was super fun I like the tight stuff.” Says Gutish who was happier in the trees than on the Cross test. “Always happy to come away with a test win here and there. I definitely struggled on the cross test, so got to figure out how to not let that happen quite so much. But all in all, solid weekend.”

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Words and Photo Credit: Shan Moore