WESS Enduro World Champion Manuel Lettenbichler wins the 2020 Red Bull Erzbergrodeo racing…himself. New movie from Erzberg organisers lives out the ultimate dream of race director Karl Katoch to have just a single finisher...

The Red Bull Erzbergrodeo should be taking place in Austria this weekend, June 11-14, but was cancelled due to government restrictions. Instead Erzbergrodeo mastermind Karl Katoch came up with a plan to live out his theoretical dream of having just one finisher at his famous event.

Karl Katoch described his very own personal view on the world’s unique Extreme Enduro event many of years ago: “The Erzbergrodeo should have only one rider crossing the Red Bull arch in the finish, and all the others don’t. This rider would then be the best one of all. So my goal is that only one rider finishes the race!”

This quotation formed the base for a unique movie project, Red Bull Erzbergrodeo – The Dream Edition.

Photo Credit: Future7Media